Your App Advertisement Strategy Needs To Be Ready Before Launch

You should start thinking about your app advertisement strategy before your app’s launch date. Getting users excited about your app ahead of time ensures that it will be downloaded as soon as it’s available.

How to launch your app

You should start marketing your app while it’s still being developed. Here are a few marketing steps that lead up to the app launch date.

Conduct market research

Your target market should influence everything about your app, including app advertisement strategies. Get a clearer picture of your app’s target users by creating buyer personas.

These personas will enable you to come up with app launch strategies that cause users to take notice of your app.

When creating buyer personas, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What specific problems does your app solve?
  • Who has those problems?
  • How will the app help them with those problems?

Conduct competitor research

Take a look at how your competitors are marketing their own apps. Follow their successful examples and avoid their mistakes.

Choose the app launch date

Don’t schedule an app launch on a day that some long-awaited technology finally gets released.
Your app probably can’t compete with a major event like that. So, make sure to release your app on a day that doesn’t have a lot going on in the world of technology.

Start content marketing

Raise awareness of your app launch date and get users excited about it by using content marketing tactics.

When creating your content, think about your buyer personas. What kind of content would they want? And where are they hanging out online?

Make your presence known on social media

Social media is another great channel for announcing an upcoming app launch date and developing a community of followers.

By providing consistent, engaging, and interesting posts, your followers will become loyal to your brand and will get excited to try your app as soon as it’s released.

Don’t stop

You are probably busy getting your app ready, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect the pre-launch tactics that you already began. Instead, keep your target market engaged. You don’t want them to lose interest.

App advertisement opportunities

When your app is ready for launch, get the word out to even more users with these app advertisement platforms.

App advertisements on Google

Google allows app developers to advertise their apps on other apps and on the internet with AdMob, which is available to those with an AdWords account

Google targeting enables you to target users by:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Apps downloaded
  • Age of devices used

The different types of ads available to digital marketers include:

  • Text ads
  • Banner ads
  • Interstitial ads
  • App install ads
  • App engagement ads

App advertisements on social media

Social media is a great place to invest in paid app advertisements. Facebook and Twitter are two popular platforms for getting the word out about a new app launch.

Both platforms allow digital marketers to target mobile device users. The amount charged is based on the number of ad clicks or app installs that result from the ads.

The key to making your app launch a success is to get it ready ahead of time. With a little work, your app advertisement strategies should generate enough interest in your app to attract users and convince them to download your app as soon as it’s released!

And remember to keep testing your app advertisement tactics. You might need to update your strategy from time to time if your efforts aren’t producing the results you want.

ASO is also important for acquiring new users. Contact an ASO specialist to get help with increasing app visibility and downloads.