You Need To Get Your Mobile Commerce App Ready For Black Friday

If you have a mobile commerce app, you need to get prepared for Black Friday. Otherwise, you might miss out on tons of sales. Start getting ready by reading this article.

Preparing your mobile commerce app for Black Friday

There are a few steps you can take to get your mobile commerce app ready for Black Friday.

Analyze last year’s data

Taking a look at last year’s data reveals how users interacted with your app on Black Friday. Based on last year’s performance, look for ways to improve this year’s strategy.

Use Black Friday keywords

During the Black Friday season, incorporate keywords like ‘discounts’ and ‘sales’ into your app’s page in the app store. This will help Black Friday shoppers find your app.

Test your app’s performance

Be prepared for a high number of customers to be using your app at the same time. Your app’s ability to offer high-quality performance is crucial, yet the risk of technical difficulties increases when there is more traffic.

Make sure your app can handle the larger load before the big day arrives.

Make in-app purchases easy

Imagine you are a customer making a purchase on your mobile commerce app. Is there anything tedious about the process? Or frustrating?

Eliminate any unnecessary or frustrating steps to make checking out as smooth as possible.

How to promote your app’s Black Friday deals

Once your app is ready for Black Friday, you can start promoting its amazing deals. Here are some strategies that will help you attract more customers.

Entice current customers to try your app

Convince current customers to download your app by offering special deals and discounts in return. Encourage customers who already use the app to share promotional codes with others, causing even more mobile device users to shop on your app.

Show appreciation for loyal customers

Give your most loyal customers a sneak peek at upcoming deals for Black Friday and allow them to make in-app purchases in advance.

Get the word out with push notifications

Send push notifications that alert users to the start of your Black Friday sale. Personalize those messages by informing individual users of sales on specific items they have viewed or purchased in the past.

Personalize the in-app experience

You can also personalize each user’s Black Friday experience by displaying in-app ads or recommendations for products that individual users have already shown an interest in.

Users are far more likely to make in-app purchases when the experience has been customized to fit their preferences.

Improve your app

It’s always a smart idea to update and improve your app, but it’s even better to do this in time for Black Friday. Any new features that make shopping easier, more fun, or customized to each user’s specific preferences will attract more customers to your mobile commerce app on Black Friday.

Team up

Cross-promotion can be a great mobile marketing strategy. Find other brands that would complement (not compete against) your own brand and work together. This increases each brand’s reach.

Don’t lose users after Black Friday

If you follow the promotional strategies in this article, you will probably see an increase in user acquisition. Try to keep those users after Black Friday ends. Implement gamification tactics that would give users a reason to stick around.

Black Friday is full of great opportunities for mobile commerce apps, as long as the right strategies are used. If you start thinking about it now, you will be ready to make the most of Black Friday this year.

Make sure users are able to find your app. Talk to an ASO specialist to increase app visibility and acquire more users.