Why you need to update your app strategy

The app stores are frequently updated. These updates affect ASO and require some changes to your app strategy.

Why are mobile app strategy updates necessary?

Listed below are several reasons why you should periodically change up your app marketing strategies.

Algorithm updates

Don’t get too comfortable with your current ASO tactics. Search algorithms and ranking factors are constantly changing, so what works one day might not be so effective the next.

If you want your app to rank at the top you must update your mobile strategy whenever necessary.


In addition, certain keywords that initially brought success can lose popularity. That’s why you should keep an eye on your keywords. If their performance begins to suffer, it’s time to find new keywords.

You can start by looking at your app’s reviews to get an idea of the words and phrases your target market is using.


Certain seasons, holidays, or events might be good opportunities to customize your ASO strategy for those particular times.

If you know there is a time of year when more users are looking for your type of app, make the most of that opportunity by changing your creatives or keywords to match that event and make your app more findable.

Benefits of creative updates

Although not required, it can be helpful to change your app icon and screenshots from time to time.

These elements need to stand out in the midst of the competition. Otherwise, users won’t be as likely to notice your app.

So if a new app with an awesome icon has recently come on the scene, it might be time to update your creatives.

But don’t alter your brand. When designing new creatives, be sure to use your brand’s color and font choices.

app strategy

Recent updates that affect ASO

Here are some specific app store updates that you should be aware of.

Apple Store

  • Search Ads – This marketing method’s reach now includes 13 new territories. Other updates include bid suggestions and the customization of creative sets for specific campaigns
  • Screenshots – Now your app’s listing can display up to 10 screenshots
  • iOS 12 – This new device offers app and game suggestions to its users. These suggestions match their personal preferences and search history. This makes it more difficult to market your app on these devices, but when you do overcome this challenge, users who see your app are more likely to download it since they have already shown an interest in other, similar apps.

Google Play Store

  • Feature Graphic – No longer the first image users see on the app page, the feature graphic has been relocated and is now the app video’s image.
  • Play Store Marketing – Playable ads, instant apps, and Google Ads (recently updated from UAC) have given digital marketers more app marketing strategies to reach users.
  • Search and Explore – This tool from Google provides metrics that give app marketers a better idea of how well their ASO strategies are working.

Both app stores

Both stores have made some algorithm changes that affect the following ASO factors:

  • Keywords
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Conversion rates
  • User engagement rates
  • Uninstall rates

If you notice any changes in your app’s performance, you must pinpoint the cause and update your mobile app strategy.

App Strategy Summary

The constant app store updates require a constant need to update your ASO tactics. This is a never-ending process.

Each update increases the challenge of making your app discoverable, as Apple and Google attempt to rank only the highest quality apps.

Significant time, effort, knowledge, and skill are all required if you want to keep up with the changes and maintain the success of your app strategy.

Are you overwhelmed? No worries! You can reach out to an ASO specialist to get the help you need.