Why instant apps are an effective strategy

If you’ve built a great app that users would love, instant apps might be just what you need to prove it to them. Learn more about it so that you can add this to your collection of effective marketing strategies.

What are instant apps?

An instant app allows users to try a limited version of your app before installing the full version. Its purpose is to show users how amazing your app is, convincing them to download the complete version in order to access all possible features.

After creating a standard Android app, developers divide the app into parts, choosing which portions are off-limits in the instant version. Once users download the full-version they are given access to all parts of the app.

There are a few ways users can obtain Android instant apps:

  • Searching the Google Play Store;
  • Conventional search,
  • Receiving a link from someone else.

Regardless of how the link was obtained, the Android device must be set to enable instant apps.

instant-apps-mobileBenefits of instant apps

There are many benefits of instant apps for both users and developers. Here are some of the best!

Easy to get

  • With instant apps, users don’t have to go through the trouble of downloading them,
  • Users can share links to instant apps with their friends, further increasing your app’s reach and user acquisition.

Perform well and easy to use

  • Instant apps offer high-quality performance and are easy to use,
  • They are just as speedy and powerful as native apps, but just as easy and instant as Progressive Web Apps.

Increases user acquisition and retention

  • Users are more likely to try an app when they don’t have to download the full version. After users see for themselves how great your app is, they won’t mind going through the extra steps to download the full version;
  • Since those users have already shown they like your app, they are much more likely to stick around and keep using it,
  • The increase in high-quality users gives businesses a better chance of developing relationships with customers and generating in-app purchases.

ASO and instant apps

Even though instant apps offer a lot of potential for growth you can’t forget about App Store Optimization (ASO). Instant apps don’t replace the need for ASO. In fact, one can’t work without the other.

  • Remember, a user has to find your app before trying out its instant version. Here is how the process works:
  • Help users find your app by implementing effective ASO strategies;
  • Once found, a download-free version of your app will be helpful in convincing them to try your app instead of alternative options that require downloading;
  • Later on, after users decide to install the full version of your app, both install count and user engagement increases,
  • The increase in these metrics improves ASO and visibility, starting the whole cycle over again.

As you can see, ASO and instant apps work hand in hand. They are a team!

When determining what portions of your app to include in the instant version, make sure it provides a worthwhile experience without giving too much away. There has to be a balance.

If your instant app doesn’t impress users who try it they won’t go through the trouble of downloading the full version. However, giving away too much will also result in the same problem. Testing everything to discover what produces the best results will help you find that necessary balance.

Offering instant apps is a great business strategy that can be implemented to acquire more users, but it must be combined with effective ASO tactics. Luckily, you can get in touch with a specialist who can help!