Why and how to create app personas

Creating app personas is a very important step you need to be taking. If you aren’t quite sure how to create them, or even what a persona is, this article will teach you.

What is a user persona?

Think of a persona as a character that represents a real-life user of your app, having all the same needs, desires, fears, and characteristics.

These representations give you an idea of how to best meet your target market’s needs and convert them into users. Multiple personas should be developed, one for each different group of users your app has.

All types of businesses, like retail, advertising, media, and more, create a buyer persona for each market they target, because it helps them understand the best way to reach out to consumers.

Without an accurate picture of the targeted buyer (or in your case, app user) the marketing message can’t be customized for a specific group of people.

Instead, you would come up with a general message that gets delivered to as many people as possible and hopefully catches the attention of some of them.

That doesn’t sound like a very promising scenario, does it?

So if you haven’t already done so, you need to start creating app personas. Because the more you know about your app’s users, the more successful your marketing plan will be.

In addition to acquiring more users, app personas can also help you retain more users by showing you what your target market really wants in an app. This knowledge enables you to build an app that meets those desires and keeps users hooked.

So any time you need to update your app or adjust your digital marketing funnel, consult your user personas for guidance on making the right decisions.

App persona development

Before getting started, get rid of any assumptions you may have about your target market. You might think you know what users want, but if you are wrong these assumptions could hurt your marketing efforts.

Since you can’t really say for sure what users want, you will have to figure it out through research.

Persona research

There are two routes you could go:

Primary persona research

This involves interacting directly with your target market to get their perspective and learn about their fears, wants, needs… this research might even give you some valuable information your competitors don’t have.

This data certainly is useful, but it comes with a price. If you are just starting out, this option might not be affordable.

Secondary persona research

This type of research is more affordable and makes use of the information that already exists on the internet. This could involve looking at social media, analyzing and interpreting case study results, and studying websites that your targeted users like to spend time on.

Creating app personas

After you’ve done your persona research, you are ready to put all that information to good use.

Here are some of the questions your research should be able to answer:

  • What do users want from my app?
  • Is there anything that frustrates them that my app could fix?
  • What careers, hobbies and shopping trends do they have?
  • Where do they live?
  • How advanced or minimal is their ability to work with technology?
  • What other apps do they use?

After answering these questions, and any others that would help you create the perfect marketing plan, you have a user persona. Repeat this process and create an app persona for every type of user you are targeting.

Your app personas should guide you through each part of your marketing plan, including your ASO efforts. If you need help, reach out to an ASO expert. Once you get the help you need your app will become more visible and will acquire more users.