Why an effective digital marketing plan needs aso

Every good digital marketing plan includes App Store Optimization (ASO). If you aren’t convinced that ASO is a good online strategy, you will be after reading this article.

Why you should include ASO in your mobile marketing plan

It’s common for app developers to overlook the need for ASO. Although other marketing techniques, such as blogging, social media, and paid advertising, should be employed, ASO needs to be part of the overall mobile marketing plan.

Here are some benefits of this online strategy.

Increases visibility

ASO improves your app’s rank in the app stores, which is very important considering the fact that most downloads result from users searching the app stores.

Encourages downloads

ASO makes your app easier to find, but effective ASO tactics also convince users to download the app once they find it.

So even if you rely on another app promotion strategy to direct potential users to your app’s product page, you still need to optimize the page in order to persuade users to try your app.

Better quality users

An effective ASO strategy uses relevant keywords that the app’s targeted users are searching. Since they are already looking for an app like yours, those users will likely keep using your app after downloading it.

Cheaper than paid acquisition

ASO is more cost-effective than other marketing methods, like paid advertisements. In fact, a good strategy doesn’t have to cost a thing. So if you are just starting out and your budget is low, ASO is the way to go.

Increases revenue in the long run

Paid marketing methods may get quick results but they won’t necessarily last. ASO is a long-term strategy that continually brings users to your app.

As your app acquires more users, you get more opportunities to convert those users into paying customers.

How to create a marketing plan

When you need help coming up with effective marketing strategies, AppRankCorner has plenty of informative articles that can lead you in the right direction.

In this particular article, we will be looking at a few important steps to take when creating your marketing plan.

Set goals

There are many different goals you could go after, including:

  • Getting more downloads;
  • Retaining more users;
  • Increasing conversions,
  • And more.

You need to determine what you want to accomplish before you can plot the steps that lead to success.

No matter what your goal is, ASO can help you reach it. That’s because ASO increases app visibility and downloads, which is the first step to reaching any other goal.

Analyze competitors

Your toughest competitors are already taking advantage of ASO. That is why you should be analyzing the competition.

Visit their apps’ product pages to get an idea of what they are doing right. Pay close attention to their icons and screenshots and figure out what keywords they are using.

You should also check out what your competitors are doing in their paid advertising campaigns, social networking efforts, and other digital marketing strategies.

Incorporate ASO into your digital marketing plan

ASO requires a lot of work. It’s not a quick and easy tactic. It’s a long-term strategy.

And once you’ve set up your product page that doesn’t mean you can just forget about ASO. You will need to constantly analyze your strategy’s results and update it whenever it stops working.

Due to its long-term nature, it’s best to start ASO right from the get-go. Otherwise, you will further delay the amazing results that can be obtained from ASO.

So don’t wait! Get started today!

If you need help incorporating ASO into your digital marketing plan, just reach out to an ASO specialist who can provide expert assistance. The sooner you get started the sooner you can reach your goals.