What you need to do to improve app ranking

How can you improve your app’s ranking when you are competing against bigger apps that are already dominating? App Store Optimization is the answer!

How small apps can compete with big apps

Without a well-known brand name and a large marketing budget, small apps have to rely on App Store Optimization (ASO) to acquire more users. It is a cost-effective strategy that is perfect for small budgets.

With the use of keywords, ASO increases app ranking, making it easier for users to find your app. Since most users search the app stores to find new apps, it’s extremely important to rank well.

However, ASO isn’t a quick and easy tactic involving a few hastily chosen keywords that are thoughtlessly stuffed into your app title and description. It is far more complex than that.

Keep reading this article to learn more about how to implement effective ASO strategies.

How to improve app store ranking

Using ASO can improve app ranking, but only if done correctly. Here are some ASO fundamentals you need to know.

Find the best app store keywords

One of the most important aspects of ASO is choosing the right keywords. If your app isn’t one of the major competitors, you need to find keywords that have enough search volume without too much competition. It’s not easy to find this balance, but it’s also necessary.

There are a few ways to find app store keywords:

  • Autocomplete – The app store search offers suggested keywords, giving you an idea of what users are searching;
  • Apple Search Ads – This tool is similar to Google Adwords but it’s specifically for the App Store;
  • Brainstorm – Make a list of search terms you think your target market might be using;
  • Ask Others – You can reach out to colleagues, friends, family, and even current users for keyword ideas,
  • User Reviews – Look at the language being used to describe your own app and other similar apps. You might find some keyword ideas.

After you’ve created a list of possible keywords, you need to narrow them down to the top 25. They should meet the following requirements:

  • Not too competitive;
  • High enough search volume,
  • Relevant to your app.

Use the app store keywords correctly

After choosing the best words, don’t fall into the keyword stuffing trap. It doesn’t pay off.

Instead, follow the guidance given below.

  • Use the most important keyword in the title, ideally towards the beginning,
  • Incorporate keywords throughout the description, but make sure it sounds natural. The goal isn’t to cram as many keywords as possible in the description. Instead, your focus should be on writing a compelling, informative explanation of what your app does and how it benefits users.

Create amazing visual elements

Captivating pictures and videos tend to result in higher conversion rates than text. That is why you can’t skip this important aspect of ASO.

Users judge the quality of your app by the quality of its screenshots shown on the product page, so make sure these images are attractive and enticing. The first three screenshots should showcase your app’s most exciting features.

Although most users won’t look beyond these three images, try to include the maximum number of screenshots allowed. It’s helpful to write a caption for each picture.

In addition, you should create a promotional video that shows your app in action. Focus on your app’s best features and keep the video short. Anything too long will lose the viewer’s attention.

A high app ranking depends on ASO. You really don’t want to mess this strategy up. It’s just too important!

So get help from an ASO specialist who can improve your app’s ranking and increase its downloads.