What is inbound marketing and the strategies it uses

Once your app is ready to go, the next step is to get the word out. What is inbound marketing can help with that.

What is inbound marketing?

An inbound marketing strategy uses tactics that grab the attention of your target market and lead them to your app. Some of these strategies involve blogs, social media, SEO, and websites.

Here is the process:

  • Your target market is drawn to your brand;
  • You begin to interact with your audience and develop a relationship with them;
  • Your audience benefits from this relationship and all that you share,
  • Eventually, individual members of your audience turn into users.

Inbound marketing provides value to potential app users during every stage of the customer journey, which builds their trust and results in conversions.

It’s important for digital marketers to consistently analyze app metrics to discover which strategies are achieving that goal, and continue focusing on the most successful tactics.

what-is-inbound-marketingInbound marketing strategies for apps

Here are some inbound marketing tools that you can use.


A website can be extremely helpful for directing people to your app. Here’s how to make this strategy work:

  • Target keywords that are related to your app. When people search the web using those keywords they will find your site,
  • Once they find your site, your next job is to convince them to download your app.

Sprinkle CTAs throughout the site to give visitors a clear understanding of the action they need to take. In this case, the desired action would be to download your app.

You could just use the generic download buttons that are seen on countless sites, but creating your own custom button will really make it stand out.

You can also make videos that showcase your app in action, further convincing visitors to download it. These videos should emphasize the benefits of using your app.

Social Media

If your app isn’t part of the action on social media, it’s time to change that.

Here are some reasons why.


When current users share your app on various social media platforms, more people will become aware of it, leading to an increase in user acquisition.

Encourage this by placing share buttons where users can easily see them, or allow users to sign up for your app with their social media accounts.

Build Relationships

You can use social media to:

  • Answer questions;
  • Provide solutions;
  • Share any news or information your targeted users would find interesting or life-enhancing,
  • Basically, just show users you care about their experience with your app.

Content Marketing

Creating great content builds your brand’s credibility and creates awareness of your app. Interesting blog posts and engaging videos are both very effective methods to accomplish this.


  • Write posts about how to use your app;
  • Provide solutions to problems your target market typically faces;
  • Guest post on other blogs to further your reach;
  • Each post should be written with the goal of directing its readers to download your app from the app store,
  • But don’t make each post a long advertisement for your app. Provide real value that helps readers even if they choose not to download your app.


  • Keep them short and to the point;
  • Make videos that demonstrate how to use your app;
  • You could also tell interesting stories and wait until the end of the video to present your app,
  • Whatever you do, make sure the end result is a high-quality video.

Regardless of your chosen mobile marketing strategies, inbound marketing is meant to provide value to your target market, even before they become loyal users. For digital marketers, this takes commitment, dedication, and patience, but it’s worth it in the long run.

Getting your app seen is hard work. Don’t worry, just contact a specialist to get help making your app visible and increasing user acquisition.