Use app deep linking to improve user experience

Have you been working hard to increase your app’s user retention rate, engagement and conversion rate? App deep linking can help! Learn how it works and how to use it to get the best results.

What is deep linking?

Mobile deep linking allows users to go from the web to an app, and then back to the web. Without deep linking, users would not be able to navigate to an app through the click of a link.

Instead of taking them to an app that has been optimized to give mobile users a better experience, normal links take users to the web view.

There are several different kinds of deep links:

  • Traditional Deep Links – Only works for users who have installed the app the link is pointing to;
  • Deferred Deep Links – Works for all users. Those who haven’t installed the app are taken to the app store where they can download it, launch it and then be taken to where the link points to,
  • Contextual Deep Links – Carries out the same steps as deferred links, but with the added benefit of being able to create personalized messages and referral programs for those who click it.

Universal links

Specially created by Apple, universal links are similar to deferred deep links. Here is what you need to know about them:

  • Universal deep linking is only possible on Apple devices (iOS version 9 and above);
  • They do not rely on a custom URI scheme;
  • A single universal link points to a web page and in-app content,
  • Users who click on this type of link but don’t have its corresponding app are taken to the webpage instead of the in-app content.

Benefits of deep linking

  • Convenient for users – Simply clicking a link takes users to their desired location, rather than having to search and find it themselves, creating much less hassle for them;
  • Funneling – You can control where links take your users, so if you want to emphasize specific pages, stages, or catalogs in a certain campaign, you can direct users right to it;
  • User Acquisition (UA) – Deferred deep linking gives users who haven’t installed your app the chance to download it,
  • Increased Conversions – Deep links have much higher conversion rates than other types of links.

app-deep-linkBest practices for deep linking

Give rewards

Deep links and incentives can work together. Offer rewards to users who perform specific actions, or provide discounts on certain products that can be purchased in the app.

Use a Smart Banner to counteract breadcrumbs

It’s a good idea to create a Smart Banner for iOS users who get stuck in Safari when the breadcrumbs button won’t let them open an app. Place the banner with deep links on your mobile site so that users who are forced to your site can get to your app.

Send emails with deep links

If applicable for your app, allow users to keep track of their progress by sending them emails to congratulate them on meeting their goals. Include deep links in those emails that send users to your app where they can update their goals.

Encourage Sharing

Make it easy for users to share your content, and go a step further by offering them rewards in exchange for sharing.

Allow users to share when they have completed specific actions in your app, or when they have met their goals, and make sure to provide links for various social media platforms.

This exposure on social media could increase user acquisition.

Mobile app deep linking greatly improves user experience, which will lead to an increase in user retention, engagement and conversion rates. If you haven’t already, you should definitely add this tactic to the strategies you implement to acquire more users.

And if you want to make your app more visible, talk with a specialist and get the help you need today!