Top tips on how to write an app description

Although not the most exciting task, writing an app description is vital for acquiring new users. Keep reading to learn how you can come up with a perfect description that increases downloads.

Why it’s important to write a good description

Getting traffic to your app’s page is only half the battle. The other half is convincing those users to download your app. That’s where an app store description comes in.

If your app’s description does not impress users, they won’t download it. They will simply look for another app that sounds better. That’s why an app store description is a vital component of your app store optimization strategy.

When done well, an app description will:

  • Clearly convey what your app is about;
  • Show off what makes your app great,
  • Explain why users should download your app and how it will help them.

Tips for writing a great description

Want to improve your ASO strategy with a compelling app description? Follow the tips below!

Start out with a bang

Pay extra close attention to the opening sentencings of your app description so that it will make a good impression right from the start.

If the description does not immediately capture attention readers will not stay interested and will start looking for another app.

Aim for simplicity

Avoid complicated sentences and jargon. Instead, make your description easy to understand so that users know exactly what your app can do for them.

List app features

You don’t need to explain every function, but you should highlight your app’s best features. This will get users excited about what your app has to offer.

So what makes your app special? Don’t be shy! Go ahead and brag about it in the app description. If you don’t make it known, users won’t see the need to try your app.

Explain the problems it solves

If you want users to see the value of your app, you have to let them know what problems it solves. This should be heavily emphasized in the app store description.

Establish credibility

Users are more likely to trust your app and download it if they see that others approve of it. Users will begin to believe that your app is worth their time if you quote positive app reviews in the description.

And be sure to mention any rewards your app has earned. This will certainly get the attention of potential users.

Include updates

Fixed any technical issues? Made any updates that improved your app? Mention this in the app description.

But don’t use technical terms that users won’t understand or care about. Instead, explain how these changes make your app even more awesome and beneficial for users.

Focus on readability

No matter what you write, make sure it’s easy to read. When users have to work too hard to understand the app description, they will quickly lose interest.

Feel free to use bullet points when applicable. And keep each paragraph short. This will make it easier for users to read the app description, which increases the likelihood of them deciding to download it.

Use app keywords

The goal of app store optimization is to improve app store ranking. This can be done by targeting the right app store keywords and including them in the app description. But avoid:

  • Keyword stuffing;
  • Targeting irrelevant keywords,
  • Targeting app store keywords that are too competitive.

Now that you know how to create a great app description, you should be ready to write your own. When you nail the description, your app store ranking will improve and more users will download your app

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