The Most Popular Social Media Apps You Need To Be On

What are the most popular social media apps? Why does it even matter?

It matters because you want to spend your time, effort, and advertising money where you can reach a large number of users who would be interested in your app. Keep reading to learn about the popular social apps you might want to get involved with.


Facebook is probably one of the most popular social media sites, giving you a wide range of users to reach.

According to Search Engine Journal, the “leading industries on Facebook include financial services, ecommerce, retail, gaming, entertainment, media, telecom, technology, consumer goods, and automotive businesses.”

Organic Facebook strategies include:

  • Creating a Facebook group;
  • Making live videos,
  • Publishing high-quality posts that include images.

You can also use paid user acquisition strategies by setting up a Facebook Ads campaign. Facebook’s targeting capabilities enable you to reach users who are most likely to want your app.

The key to success on Facebook is to generate engagement. If users react to and comment on your content, your posts will show up in the feed more often.

And whatever you do, make sure the content you post has been mobile optimized. According to Buffer Marketing Library, “94 percent of Facebook’s users access Facebook via the mobile app.”


Instagram is another one of the most popular social apps around.

Statista reveals that Instagram’s number of monthly active users reached 1 billion by June 2018.

Instagram gives you the opportunity to create and share images, videos, and stories. It’s the perfect platform for showing off visually pleasing content that relies on creativity.

You can also publish longer videos using IGTV and link to products by creating shoppable posts.

If your app targets younger generations you should definitely consider getting involved on Instagram.


Twitter might be the right place if you have an entertainment or sports-related app. Rather than grabbing attention with attractive images, Twitter is all about making your own, unique voice heard, which is why it was one of the most popular social media apps in 2019.

You can use this social media site to make witty comments, offer insight, and provide helpful information. But keep in mind, Twitter only allows up to 280 characters per tweet.

Twitter enables you to keep up with the latest trends which will help you create marketing messages that address the needs of your target market.


Pinterest is another social site that focuses on imagery. The best content to publish on this platform includes:

  • Fashion;
  • Food;
  • Decor;
  • Crafts;
  • DIY projects;
  • Party and wedding planning,
  • Workouts.

Pinterest users create boards based on their chosen themes. As they scroll through Pinterest or browse the internet, users can pin images to their boards. This allows them to go back to those web pages later.

If you are trying to use Pinterest as a marketing tool, you should pin content that others create. Try to find content that your target market would be interested in but isn’t in direct competition with your app.

But even more importantly, you need to be creating and posting your own pins. The pins should entice users to take a closer look and pin them to their own boards. Ideally, other users will see your pins on those boards, furthering your reach.

If your app caters to women, Pinterest might be the right social site for you because most Pinterest users are women.

So, which of the most popular social media apps will you be investing in? You need to think about the type of app you have and where your target market hangs out. When you choose the right place to spend your time and money, you will get great results.

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