The most downloaded apps effective strategies

With the fierce competition between millions of apps, how are you going to make your app stand out? Consider what makes the most downloaded apps so popular and follow the mobile trends they set in order to make your app successful.

Most popular apps

The most downloaded apps usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • Gaming;
  • Photo and video sharing;
  • Social media;
  • Navigation;
  • Productivity,
  • Utility.

Here are some specific examples.


This instant messaging app has gained a large following thanks to its useful features and frictionless onboarding process.

But perhaps the most helpful lesson from WhatsApp is found in the timing of its launch. Its skilled developers knew that users wanted an easy way to communicate, so they created the first app that meets those particular needs.


As the most popular video-calling app, Skye is able to rely on brand recognition to maintain its popularity.

This is another example of an app that not only appeared at the right time but was also the first of its kind.


The Shareit app makes the necessary task of virtually carrying large files from one device to another much more efficient. With the ability to complete this action in only seconds, this app increases productivity.


Users who want to share photos and videos know that Instagram is the place to go. Owned by Facebook, this app is always being updated and improved with frequent additions of new features.

Happy Glass

Here is one of the most popular game apps that has managed to keep things simple and still hook users. This relatively basic game is so successful because users are addicted to its challenging quests.

most-downloaded-apps-mobileWhat makes an app popular

If you are building a new app, try to use the strategies that have already worked well for the top rated apps. Read the following list to learn more about those strategies.

Address pain points

We all have problems. If your app can solve a niche-specific problem, users that fit into that niche will be scrambling to download it.

Perform market research to discover what your target market’s pain points are, then come up with a solution that alleviates those struggles.

Don’t copy, be original

Apps that offer something entirely new really stand out. And they will not be competing against already established apps that have dominated the market.

Niche down

Don’t weigh users down with tons of features they don’t need. Avoid overwhelming them by focusing on one feature.

Plus, branching off into too many directions reduces an app’s overall quality because it’s difficult to master more than one feature.

Keep it simple

When designing and developing your app, don’t overcomplicate things. The cleaner it looks and the easier it is to use, the less likely users will churn.

Keep it updated

You might not have launched your app yet but you should still be prepared for the frequent updates it will require after its initial release.

Pay attention to user feedback to learn what new features they want and what improvements need to be made. This is a never-ending process that keeps your app up to date and your users happy.

Studying other popular apps will show you what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to apply the most effective strategies to your own app. Following the examples of the most downloaded apps can lead you to the path of success.

Even if you succeed in creating an amazing app that users will love, it won’t matter if no one finds it. Reach out to an ASO specialist to get help making your app visible and acquiring new users.