Mobile app’s download rate: what it means, how to increase it

Your mobile app’s download rate gives you an idea of how successful your app is, but it’s not the whole story. If you want to learn more about this metric and why it’s still important, keep reading!

About the mobile apps download metric

A high app download rate is the first sign of success, but this metric doesn’t tell you if users are satisfied with your app after they install it.

It also doesn’t indicate how many users keep using your app on a regular basis. All you know is that your marketing methods managed to convince users to download your app.

Getting a high number of downloads is only one of many steps to success, not the end goal.

The next step is to keep users engaged. Unfortunately, many users install an app but never return to it.

The only way to keep them coming back is to provide an app that benefits them, making them satisfied users. This leads to the ultimate goal, which is to turn satisfied users into paying customers.

All that being said, you must still track the app store download metric. Because if you aren’t getting people to download your app, it can’t generate revenue.

How to increase your app download rate

A high number of downloads lets you know that users are attracted to your brand and your marketing strategy is working well. In that case, congrats!

But if you can’t get many app store downloads, you know it’s time to change something.

Here are two suggestions:

  • Improve your app’s rank
  • Respond to reviews

Let’s dive a little deeper into each one.

Improve your app’s rank

If your app isn’t at the top of the search results page, it probably won’t be seen. Users are much more likely to download one of the apps they see first.

Using an effective ASO strategy is crucial for achieving a high rank. If your current plan isn’t working out, you could try changing your app’s:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Icon

Remember to check the download metric for each app store because the ranking factors and algorithms differ between the Play Store and the App Store.

That means the ASO strategy that successfully produces downloads on one store, might not work out so well on the other store.

In order to acquire the most downloads possible, get familiar with how both stores work and customize your ASO tactics for each one.

Respond to reviews

Even when users find your app, they won’t necessarily download it. They must first be convinced it’s worth it.

The elements on your app product page, such as the preview video, screenshots, and description, all play a part in this. But don’t forget about the reviews!

It goes without saying that positive reviews are extremely effective in acquiring more users.

But what about negative reviews? Won’t they just scare users away?

That depends on how you handle them.

When users see negative reviews without a response, they will assume two things.

  • You don’t care about user experience.
  • The problems that were brought up remain unresolved.

You must respond to complaints in a professional manner and fix the problems that were brought up. First, let the complaining users know you are working on resolving their issues. After you solve their problems, write another response to let them know.

When other users see this type of response it will tell them two things:

  • You care about user experience.
  • The complaints have become obsolete and are nothing for them to worry about.

When you are ready to increase your mobile app’s download rate, talk to an ASO specialist who can help you reach that goal.