Marketing professional examples to inspire you

If you want to succeed in digital marketing, get inspired by the success stories of these marketing professionals. If they can do it so can you.

Jon Morrow – Content Marketing

As the founder of Boost Blog Traffic, Jon Morrow is a popular blogger who is loved by his followers.

But his future didn’t always look so bright. Jon broke his leg in 14 different places when he was hit by a car in 2006. This tragedy ultimately resulted in good, as it gave him time to contemplate his life. He realized he was unhappy with his job so he quit even though he didn’t have any other plans in place.

He became a successful blogger who now focuses on helping other people achieve their own dreams.

What you can learn from Jon

Jon always thinks of his audience first and writes about what they want to read. He arouses their enthusiasm and stirs them to action while addressing the issues they are concerned about.

Try to follow his example in your own content marketing efforts. When writing anything, the needs of your audience must come first.

Neil Patel – Online Marketing Guru

When you need online marketing professional tips, Neil Patel is your guy. He is the co-founder of KISSmetrics, Hello Bar, and Crazy Egg, and has a blog called Quick Sprout, where he gives marketing and business advice.

Neil’s life has been driven by his hunger for success. This intense motivation caused him to work hard, leading to his ranking as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs before he was 30 years old. In addition, Forbes placed him in the top 10 influential online marketers and he’s already been a New York Times bestseller author.

Like many other successful marketers before him, Neil did not begin at the top, although it didn’t take him long to reach it. From a young age he set out to acquire wealth because he was never content with the middle-class lifestyle he grew up with.

He began as an entrepreneur in high school and eventually learned how to generate online traffic, a skill he became particularly good at. This led to his career as an online marketing expert.

What you can learn from Neil

Neil Patel shows us that hard work results in success. Start working hard today so that you can achieve your own goals.

Jeff Bullas – Social Media and Blogging Expert

Jeff Bullas is a motivated, hard-working, social media expert. He overcame great adversity to become an authoritative figure in the online world. These trials included a failed business, debt, unemployment, and divorce.

After researching marketing, Jeff discovered his passion for social media. He began writing blog posts, which eventually led to a thriving business.

What you can learn from Jeff

Jeff has a thorough understanding of how the human mind and social media interact with each other, helping him know exactly what to do to elicit a certain, desired response from consumers.

You should also strive to understand what makes your target market tick so that you can create messages that grab their attention and convert them to customers. This requires some research and experimentation, but the results are worth the effort.

Each digital marketing professional highlighted in this article should give you the inspiration you need to start achieving your mobile marketing dreams. Who knows, one day you might even reach their level of success.

But even if that’s not your goal, they can still serve as motivating examples that can spur you on.

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