iTunes connect app has been rebranded: everything you need to know

The iTunes Connect app has been replaced by the App Store Connect app. Learn more about this important tool for developers so that you can offer your app to iOS users.

iTunes Connect App vs App Store Connect

What was once the vehicle for uploading and managing mobile apps on the App Store, has been rebranded as App Store Connect.

Although released separately from iTunes Connect in June 2018, this newer management tool offers a very similar service.

Here is an overview of what you can do with this app:

  • Upload, submit and manage your iOS apps;
  • Track trends and view reports;
  • Monitor app analytics;
  • Receive alerts about new reviews and reply to those reviews from your mobile device;
  • Set up push notifications to notify you of any changes in your app status,
  • Allow users to test out your app before it launches.

If you want to learn more about these features, keep reading!

App Store Connect

App Store Connect performs many of the same functions that the iTunes Connect app originally provided.

Here are some more details on what you can do with this newer app.

Product Page

Set up a product page for your app so that users can find it in the App Store. This page includes the following:

  • App title;
  • Subtitle;
  • App description;
  • Up to ten screenshots,
  • Three app previews (Optional, but if you do use these you can choose the order in which they appear.)

In-App purchases

Monetize your app by selling subscriptions, services, or access to more/better features.

App testing

Upload beta-versions of your mobile apps to App Store Connect to ensure they are ready for launch. With TestFlight, users can try your app and provide feedback.

Testers are given access to the app through a shareable link that is offered in App Store Connect. You can also send the link via email to as many as 10,000 recipients. This link leads to the beta version of your app.

Based on the feedback from testers, you can make any necessary improvements to your app so that it’s able to provide the best user experience possible as soon as it’s officially released.

App release and updates

You can publish your app immediately following its approval, or you can pick another date for its release. During the days leading up to its launch, you should be establishing prices and giving users the opportunity to preorder your app.

Ideally, you will be updating your app regularly to keep it performing at its best. When you do need to make these improvements, each update can be released in stages within a week’s worth of time.

App analytics

An important part of making a successful app is reviewing its analytics in order to monitor its performance. With App Store Connect, you can keep an eye on user engagement levels, marketing results, and monetization data.

User reviews

An important part of ASO is responding to all user reviews, whether good or bad. You can reply to reviews with the App Store Connect app.

Your responses show users that you are committed to providing a top-notch app that offers amazing benefits, making users more comfortable with giving your app a try and downloading it.

Even though the iTunes Connect app is a thing of the past, App Store Connect enables you to manage your iOS apps in the same way.

This recent rebranding is just one example of how things are always changing in the fast-paced mobile world. Keep up with the latest trends by continuing to visit AppRankCorner, where you will find all the helpful information you need to make your app a success.