How To Use Push Notifications To Increase Sales

Mobile push notifications can increase sales, provided you use them the right way. Take a moment to learn how to use this tool.

What are push notifications?

This incredibly effective marketing tactic enables you to send messages to your customers and users from your app at any time.

The goal of sending push notifications is to get users to open your app. When using mobile push notifications to increase sales, users who open the message are taken to a special deal or offer that the message notifies them of.

How do push notifications work?

Push notifications appear as messages on mobile phones. In this way, they are similar to text messages, but they are typically shorter in length.

Like emails, users must opt-in to receive the notifications. But these messages are more effective than emails. Instead of landing in an overcrowded inbox they pop up on your users’ phone screens, grabbing their attention and causing them to open your app.

Best practices

There are certain guidelines you should follow when sending mobile push notifications. Failure to heed these practices might result in annoying users and causing them to opt-out of push notifications.

Keep the following tips in mind when sending push notifications.

  • Preferences – Provide users with the opportunity to change preferences.
  • Frequency – Avoid sending too many notifications, with their frequency depending on your particular users. It’s okay to send more messages than normal at certain times of the year, such as Black Friday.
  • Timing – If your app has users that live in various time zones, use local push. You can schedule messages to be sent during a specific time. The notifications will then get sent when the specified time arrives in their time zones, not yours.
  • Location – If you have users from different areas, not every message will be relevant in every location. Use geo-targeting to offer customized deals for each area.
  • Alert – Increase open rates by giving your push notifications their own sound that alerts users when your message arrives.
  • Relevancy – Time-sensitive messages should be set to expire so that users can’t open push notifications regarding special offers and deals that no longer apply. This can be done by setting the expiration date before sending push notifications.

How to use notifications to increase sales

When used correctly, mobile push notifications can positively impact your bottom line. The following list provides some tips that will enhance the effectiveness of your push notification strategy.

  • Custom Offers and Deals – Send custom offers to users based on their past activity and purchase history. Increase conversion rates by limiting the time the deal is available, which will encourage users to make purchases sooner rather than later.
  • Reminders – Don’t let users forget about your app. Send push notifications with attention-grabbing messages, which will help them remember your brand. Staying in contact with your customers makes them more likely to remain your customers.
  • Announce New Products – Whenever you unleash new products or services, make sure your customers know by sending them push notifications.
  • Encourage Browsing – Based on purchase history, send messages to users that suggest products they would be interested in.
  • Reminder to Complete Purchase – When users leave shopping carts without finishing the purchase, be sure to send a push notification letting them know. Opening the message should take users directly to the shopping cart page where the order can be completed.

Notifications are currently one of the most effective mobile marketing strategies. Don’t let this valuable opportunity to increase sales slip by. Start using today!

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