How to respond to an app store review

Responding to every App Store review is an important part of ASO. If you don’t know the best way to respond to an app review, now is the time to learn.

About App Store reviews

Although the ability to reply to an app review used to be limited to the Google Play Store, Apple eventually made it possible for developers to comment on feedback in App Store Connect.

This is good news for several reasons:

  • Developers can interact with users and develop relationships with them;
  • Users can bring their questions and issues directly to developers;
  • It’s easier for developers to resolve app issues because they can ask questions in their replies to feedback regarding those issues;
  • Developers can appease frustrated users by letting them know their problems are in the process of being fixed.

Why you should respond to App Store Reviews

Now that Apple has made it easier for developers and users to connect, there is no excuse for ignoring an app review. You should acknowledge as many as possible.

Not convinced? Here are a few reasons why you should respond to app reviews in App Store Connect:

  • Notifying users of resolved issues makes them more likely to give your app another try;
  • Responding to complaints shows that you care about your app’s users and want them to have a good experience. When potential users see your concern they will be more likely to download your app;
  • Users who are notified of resolved issues might give your app a higher rating, which will improve your app’s rank in the App Store. And a high rating helps to convince potential users to download your app.

How to respond to an App Store review

Now that you understand the reasons for responding to an App Store review, you must learn the best way to respond.

Your responses should have the following qualities:

  • Timeliness – Quick replies prove that you are paying attention to the needs of your app’s users. Even if you are unable to provide an immediate solution to a complaint, you should at least let users know that you are working on fixing the problem. Just don’t forget to notify them when you have successfully resolved the issue;
  • Clarity – When writing a reply, avoid using technical terms that the average user won’t understand and try to be as clear as possible;
  • Concise – Don’t let your replies get too long. Many users have a very short attention span, so get right to the point;
  • Consistency – Every reply should reflect your brand’s character and have the same tone;
  • Compliant – You must comply with Apple’s terms and conditions when responding to an app review. This means you’re not allowed to use profanity or include any promotional or spam content. Including a user’s personal information is also prohibited;
  • Positive – You must remain professional and cheerful even when users leave negative feedback. Do not attack the complaining user. Instead, write a reply that sounds positive;
  • Personal – Rather than relying on a general template, address the user by name and write a customized response. Be sure to thank the user for providing feedback.

Taking the time to respond to an App Store review the right way is worth the extra effort. Your replies have a big impact on ASO, ultimately increasing user acquisition and improving your brand’s reputation.

And don’t forget, analyzing feedback is just as important as responding to it. Conducting qualitative analysis provides valuable insight that enables you to make your app better.

If you need more help with ASO, contact a specialist today. Your app’s visibility and user acquisition rate will start to increase.