How to choose the best app category

Don’t overlook the need to choose the right app category for your app. This article will explain why that’s so important and how to pick the best one.

Does app category impact ASO?

Choosing the correct category helps users find your app more easily because the categories are intended to guide users to the apps they want and need.

The categories of mobile apps are listed in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, giving users the ability to tap on the category they want to search.

The Apple App Store goes a step further by breaking the primary categories down into secondary categories. So if you plan on offering your app in the Apple Store you will need to make two category choices.

There are many different categories of mobile apps in both stores, making it a challenge to choose the right one, especially since some categories overlap.

But when you do select the best category, users who are most likely to download your app will find it more easily. This results in more downloads, which improves ASO and your app’s rank.

app store categories mobileHow app category affects keywords

The best keywords for ASO depend on your app’s category. It’s helpful to look at other apps that are in the same category to see which keywords appear most often in app titles, subtitles, and descriptions.

This research helps you find the right keywords that will improve ASO.

How to choose the right app category

So how do you go about picking the right category? Keeping the following considerations in mind will direct you to the appropriate category for your app.

  • App’s Purpose – What is your app supposed to do? How does it benefit users?
  • Features – How does your app accomplish its purpose?
  • Target Audience – What kind of app will users view it as? Where will those users assume it can be found?
  • Competitors – What categories are your competitors placing their apps in? And are they already dominating those categories, or is there still room for your app? If possible, It’s helpful to choose less competitive categories.
  • Other Apps – Look for categories that include apps that are similar to yours.
  • Relevancy – It might be tempting to choose the most popular category, but if it’s not relevant to your app, then don’t! This would be a violation of the App Store guidelines, which might ultimately result in your app being removed from the store.

App Category List

There is a wide variety of choices, but here is a small app category list to give you an idea of the different category options.

  • Business – Apps in this category help companies share content, scan and view files, and carry out other business-related tasks.
  • Education – These types of apps teach new skills or subjects to users.
  • Entertainment – This category of apps allows users to view shows, movies, performances, and purchase tickets.
  • Finance – Financial management tools that assist with banking, bills, and budgeting belong in this category.
  • Food & Drink – These apps provide recipes, cooking instructions, and restaurant and alcohol reviews.
  • Games – Any type of game, including board games, card games, puzzles, racing, and role-playing fit in this category.
  • Health and Fitness – This group of apps encourages a healthy lifestyle by tracking workouts, managing stress, and helping with weight loss.

No matter what category your app belongs in, you want it to rank at the top. This can be accomplished with a strong ASO strategy that has been perfected through A/B testing.

As your app’s rank improves, its visibility will increase, leading to more downloads and more revenue.

This is why ASO is important! If you want to get your app to the top of its category, get in touch with an ASO expert who can help.