How reinstalls can increase user engagement

Did you ever stop to think about how reinstalls could be an effective strategy for improving user engagement? If you are new to this idea, you will definitely want to read this article to learn more.

Why are reinstalls important?

It may come as a surprise, but recent findings have revealed that reinstalls make up almost half of total installs. This is good news because returning users typically have better engagement rates than new users.

Here’s why. Past users already know your brand and are familiar with your app, and although they did uninstall it, clearly there was something about it they liked enough to give your app another chance.

So reinstalls can be a great way to improve user engagement metrics.

Should I try to increase reinstalls?

The answer may depend on what category your app fits into.

The following categories have some of the highest reinstall rates:

  • Travel apps;
  • Productivity apps;
  • Social apps,
  • Game apps – Particularly the Strategy and Arcade type games.

Another thing to consider is the number of users you currently have. Reinstalls don’t have as great an impact on smaller apps with fewer users as they do on larger apps with tons of users.

So if your app belongs in one of the categories mentioned above and/or you have lots of users, you would probably benefit from implementing a strategy to increase reinstalls.

Best strategies for increasing reinstalls

If you want to improve user engagement metrics, here are some key tactics that can be used to get more reinstalls.

These strategies utilize the “What’s New” section of your app’s product page. Although it previously sat below the app description, visitors who installed your app in the past will now see it at the top of the page, making it a powerful tool for winning them over again.

user-engagement-mobileOptimize entire section

Users must expand the “What’s New” section if they wish to read the entire message since part of it gets cut off. The most important part of this section’s copy is what users see first, but it’s still a good idea to optimize the rest of the content. This is because some users will read the whole message before making the decision to install an app.

Let users know your app is up to date

You want to assure interested viewers that you keep your app updated but you don’t have to give details about the updates. Simply state that you are constantly improving and updating your app.

Adding new levels to games would be the exception to this rule. In that case, it’s very effective to specifically announce those new levels in the “What’s New” section.

Highlight any resolved issues

Let viewers know which bugs have been fixed. If past users uninstalled your app because of those issues, they will probably be willing to try your app a second time when they notice you took care of the problem.

Talk about your brand

What is your app known for? Include references to content and characters that are unique to your brand. It will remind users of why they like your brand. This tactic is particularly useful for game apps, with their brand-related themes and characters.


Write the “What’s New” section as though you are having a friendly, personal conversation with each viewer. Ask questions such as “Care to join us?” or “Have you heard about the latest updates?”.

Get creative and have fun writing this type of content. It will stand out and draw users to your app.

Speak their language

When reviewing customer complaints, take note of the words they use to describe their issues. Once you resolve those issues, write about it in the “What’s New” section and try to incorporate the same words customers used in their complaints.

Don’t forget, the goal is to make your app so great that users will love it the first time around, eliminating the need to convince them to reinstall it. However, when users do uninstall your app it isn’t necessarily the end of the story. Win them over again using the strategies given above.

With a little hard work and the right user engagement plan in place, you are bound to see an increase in reengagement.