How important is an app icon to your company?

There is a huge variety of apps available in the stores, and the icon of your mobile app can be a way to stand out among its competitors. The mobile app icon is the face of your app and it is a must to communicate the target market from the get-go its main function.

This way, customers will be able to understand what your app is about from the first look. But what is exactly a “great” app icon? What comes to your mind when you see an icon on the app stores that you consider to be amazing?

Fear not, we have put together some great advice to guide you and help you on your way to getting there. In this article, we will sum up what the best practices are and how an app icon design can impress your audience.

Recognition is the key

You might be skeptical at the beginning, but the icon design of your app is the first thing that makes your app recognizable on the app stores. Features definitely play an important role here and having an icon design that shows what the app´s main functions are is key.

We can use a running app as an example of it. Have you ever looked for an application like that on the app stores? Even if not, let’s say you have. What kind of results did you get?

icon-designProbably you came across an app called Runtastic. Just by looking at it, you know what this is about because you can clearly see a person running and it is easy to recognize their icon.

Also, a well designed mobile app icon will get through the mind of the clients in a subtle way and possibly they will come back at the app and spend a lot of time in there. 

Therefore, presenting your app’s main purpose right from the start is a way of getting people to download the app, which generates traffic and ultimately increase revenue, depending on what the users’ actions in-app are.

Here are some tips on app icon design.

1- Logo

Making your logo smaller to fit in the app icon does not work all the time. What does that mean? It would be great to have an app icon with the logo of your company on it, but it is not always possible. How to create an icon then?

In fact, it is difficult to get it done because it should be aesthetically pleasing to catch your audience’s attention and stand out.

If your company’s logo is very simple like Forbes for example, you can do that. If not, an icon that explicitly shows what your app is about should be designed.

2- Design an appealing icon

The icon of your company should be appealing to your audience somehow. Otherwise, if your app icon does not provide that, your target market might simply swipe past your app and go to the next one.

3- No words

As simple as it sounds, do not use words. Unless this is totally necessary, you can do it but it is not recommended.

Mixing words and images in what is supposed to be a graphical representation can lead to an experience that takes the focus away and might look overcrowded.

4- Colors

You should avoid using a lot of colors because it may be confusing to the users. What colors should you use then? Your app icon has to be easily recognized and we strongly suggest that you use bold colors to distinct from your competitors.

Besides, the color should be chosen based on your brand´s guidelines, so your audience will know right away it is your company’s app on the app stores. Do not forget to add contrast to the icon using dark and light colors.


First impression matters. An app icon is the strongest connection a user can have with your company when they first see it on app stores.

So it is essential for your app´s success to design an icon that is simple and at the same time does not look cheap, but sophisticated.

Also, keep in mind that your audience should be able to associate your icon design to its main function. This way, your app icon can stand out on the app stores and help you achieve your goals.

If you have any doubts on icon development, leave us a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.