Find out now the best way to use emojis in marketing

Using emojis in marketing campaigns can boost results. Read this article to learn how to use emojis and take advantage of this trend.

What are emojis?

Emojis are used in text messages and digital content to emphasize the tone of the message. These icons may be small but they are powerful, helping readers better understand the intended meaning of the content.

The first emoji originated in 1999 and since then the number of different emojis continues to grow. They can look like smiley faces, sad faces, food, animals, and so much more. There are literally thousands of them, with more on the way.

Should you use emojis in marketing campaigns?

Yes, if it makes sense for your brand. Here are the reasons why.

  • Increased Engagement – They have the ability to dramatically increase click-through rate, open rate, and all kinds of engagement;
  • Greater Expression – Emojis emphasize the point you are attempting to make. You can use emojis when highlighting the benefits of your app to get users excited and convince them to download it;
  • Brand Personality – Use emojis to show your brand’s personality, helping users to see your brand as more than just an impersonal business. This will increase their trust in you and your app,
  • Attention Grabbing – Your marketing message will have a much better chance of capturing your target market’s attention if you sprinkle in some emojis.

emoji on marketing mobileHow to use emojis

So you realize how beneficial emojis can be for your marketing plan. Great! Now you need to learn the best ways to use them.

Marketing Channels

  • Social Media – The most obvious way to use emojis on social media is to include them in your posts. But to get even more attention and engagement, ask your audience to respond with emojis;
  • Emails – Putting emojis in the subject line can increase open rate, but if done incorrectly they can have the opposite effect. Save emojis for emails to recipients who already know and like your brand. Also, emojis can’t make up for a poorly written message that doesn’t benefit the recipient, so the focus should continue to be on creating quality content;
  • In-app Messages – This is another great place to include emojis,
  • Push Notifications – You can also include emojis in push notifications to arouse curiosity that causes users to open your app. This tactic should be used in moderation.

Best Practices

Here are some tips for using emojis.

  • Frequency – When used too often, emojis lose their impact. Remember, a little goes a long way;
  • Relevancy – The emoji you choose needs to match the tone of your message. A silly emoji doesn’t fit a serious message,
  • True Meaning – Make sure you know what the emoji really means. You might be surprised by how many of them get used incorrectly. If you are a beginner, it helps to spend some extra time learning how to speak emoji.

You can use the following resources to find emojis and learn what they mean.

  • The Emojipedia – This is where you can find every existing emoji, its history, shortcode, appearance on different systems, and popularity compared to other emojis;
  • Emojisaurus – Type in a sentence and translate it to emoji,
  • Get Emoji – You can get different emojis by copying and pasting them from here.

Emojis can be very effective in getting users to pay attention to your message. If your marketing results have plateaued, try using emojis in your marketing content. You might be surprised by the difference they make.

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