Exciting technology that makes augmented reality apps possible

With today’s incredible technology, augmented reality apps are enhancing user experience and convenience like never before. Don’t get left behind. Learn more so that you can create an augmented reality app that captures the attention of your target audience.

What is augmented reality?

In the form of projections, either on screen or off screen, digital images are superimposed over real objects, creating an allusion known as augmented reality (AR).

There are countless ways this technology can be put to good use, either now or in the future, and we will get to some specific examples later in this article.

But for now, let’s take a closer look at the technology that makes this possible.

How AR technology works

There are three basic aspects of augmented reality technology:

  • Gathering information – Cameras and sensors provide information about the user’s location;
  • Processing – Smartphones are fully equipped with hardware that can adjust for changes in speed, position, tilt, and depth caused by users,
  • Projection – Based on information received from cameras and processing, digital images are projected.

There are five different types of AR technology:

  • Marker-based/Image Recognition – Projections are triggered by objects, such as a QR code or natural feature tracking (NFT);
  • Markerless/SLAM – Relies on cameras, GPS, and accelerometer information to understand the environment and provide a relevant AR experience;
  • Projection-based – Images are projected outside of the device, onto surrounding surfaces;
  • Outlining – Creates boundaries and shapes to provide guidance in difficult-to-see circumstances, such as showing drivers the edges of the road in the dark,
  • Superimposition-based – Replaces real objects with a digital image.

augmented-reality-appsBenefits of augmented reality apps

Take a look at the following list to get a better understanding of what makes AR so valuable to app developers.

  • Most mobile users have Smartphones, meaning there is a large market for AR apps;
  • AR will make your app stand out, impressing users and causing them to choose your app over another. But this won’t always be the case, as AR will become more common. Jump on this opportunity now before your competitors do!
  • Using cutting-edge technology proves that you care about giving your app’s users the best experience possible, helping them to trust that your app will truly add value to their lives,
  • Users will get excited about your app’s amazing abilities and share them on social media, which may encourage new users to download your app.

Just remember to highlight your app’s AR features in the app description. Doing so will improve ASO and convince users to install your app.

Examples of augmented reality apps

Are you excited about the possibilities that exist for AR technology? Do you want to utilize this advanced technology?

Here are some examples of how AR can be used to improve user experience for certain types of apps.

Transportation Apps

Flying and driving can both be made safer and easier, thanks to AR technology. Pilots are shown digital images of airports, navigation points, and landing approaches, which enables them to fly safely, regardless of the weather conditions.

Directions for driving can be projected on the car windshield, eliminating the need for drivers to look down at their devices, making it safer and easier to find new locations.

Retail Apps

Customers can test how well furniture will fit in their homes before buying it. They can also try on makeup and clothes without going to the store.

Education Apps

Learning becomes an adventure when students can interact with charts and images, bringing history, science, and other subjects to life.

Sports Apps

Ticket buyers for sports events can get a sneak peek of the stadium and the view from the seats they will be sitting in.

Marketing Apps

Customers can try products before buying them, making them more likely to take the plunge and purchase the product.

AR technology hasn’t been perfected, but it already offers a wide range of exciting possibilities for app developers and is one of the most effective tactics for improving user experience. Its speedy development won’t wait for stragglers, so start using it before you get left behind.

But don’t rush off yet. Get help making your app stand out by speaking with a specialist today!