Do you need to build applications of artificial intelligence?

Mobile apps have become a normal part of life, and even applications of artificial intelligence are used on a daily basis. The question then arises, do you need to develop an AI app in order to keep up with the current trends?

What is AI and how does it impact apps?

Due to improvements in technology, machines are gaining human-like abilities to work and reason. This highly advanced science is called Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI has the following capabilities:

  • Speech recognition
  • Planning
  • Learning
  • Critical thinking
  • Facial recognition

Should you develop an artificial intelligence app?

Artificial intelligence technology is being used more frequently in the development of new apps.

So whether users realize it or not, they have probably grown accustomed to AI applications. Apps that lack AI might seem outdated to those users.

In addition, AI can help you beat competitors if you use this technology to give users a better experience with your app than with competing apps.

Furthermore, AI helps to increase engagement by sending messages to users at ideal times.

While there are many advantages to AI, ultimately the decision of whether or not to use it is up to you.

You know your target market, what they want, and what your app does for them. Would AI further your app’s purpose? Or would it be just a distraction?

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How to use AI for your app

If your app would benefit from artificial intelligence technology, here are some ideas for how to use it.


The most effective way to turn your app into a success is to personalize user experience.

This can be done with AI’s ability to learn from user behavior, enabling the system to make suggestions that match what individual users have already shown an interest in.

Automated reasoning

AI has the capacity to reason and problem solve, opening up even more possibilities for app developers.

Take Uber, for example. With automated reasoning, the app is able to direct drivers to the most efficient routes with the least traffic.

Image Recognition

An app with this type of AI technology can identify objects or people.

Eden Photos is a Mac app that has already taken advantage of this. Its image recognition features enable it to suggest:

  • Image tags
  • Keywording
  • Auto-categorization by topic

Encourage user engagement

AI can determine the best times to send push notifications, emails, and in-app messages. These ideal times are when users have shown they are more likely to pay attention to messages.

Automate Tasks

If you can find a way to automate tedious or time-consuming tasks, users will love your app.

Remember, it’s not necessary to automate every task (after all, we people were made to have a purpose and get things done ourselves) but taking away some of the more boring duties opens up more time for the jobs your users really enjoy.

Best AI apps

Here are some examples of the best AI apps.

  • Google Now – With voice commands, users can request information, launch apps, play music, and so much more.
  • Microsoft Pix – This AI app ensures each picture looks as clear as possible by using machine learning to optimize image depth.
  • SwiftKey Keyboard – Makes typing so much faster and easier with its ability to predict what users are going to type.
  • HOUND – Users can search and get information with voice commands. They can find the best restaurants, perform quick calculations, and check the forecast.
  • Ada – This health-related app helps users decide whether or not their symptoms are worth a trip to the doctor’s office.

Whether you decide to build applications of artificial intelligence or not, you still need users to find your app. That’s where we come in.

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