Do you have bad apps?

No one wants to be guilty of creating bad apps, but we all fail at one time or another. Learn some of the signs of a failed app and what you can do about it.

The signs of a bad app

Poor app metrics reveal that your app is failing. This failure could mean one of three things:

  • Your app is beyond saving and should be discarded;
  • Or maybe your app has the potential to be great but needs some improvements;
  • Lastly, your app might be perfectly fine, but users are not finding it because it needs greater visibility.

Today, we are going to look at the app metrics that indicate whether your app is succeeding or failing. After that, we will look at a few ASO strategies that can increase your app’s visibility.

Mobile app metrics to track

Mobile app analytics should include the metrics listed below.

Downloads mobile

A high number of downloads shows that users are interested in your app. The number you should aim for depends on the category your app falls in, as it varies between the different categories.

If you are struggling to get downloads it could be that users are simply unaware of your app’s existence. In that case, you need to increase your app’s visibility with ASO.

But a low number could also mean users aren’t interested in your app. You will need to determine if your app can be improved or if you should just let it go.

Churn rate

This rate shows how many users are uninstalling your app. A high churn rate means users aren’t happy with your app.

You could attempt to improve your app or you could discard it. You will need to evaluate which is the best course of action.

App store category ranking

Sometimes, poor app metrics are the result of your app not being seen in the app stores. Remember, the higher your app’s rank is the more downloads it will get.

The following factors affect your app’s rank:

  • Keywords – The best keywords have a high search volume, are relevant to your app, and aren’t too competitive;
  • Reviews – More reviews lead to a higher rank. In addition, positive reviews encourage users to download your app, which also increases rank;
  • Ratings – The more ratings your app gets the higher it will rank.

How to use ASO to save your app

If you have decided that your app is worth saving, try the following tips:

  • Choose better keywords – If your current keywords aren’t getting the job done replace them with other options that produce better results;
  • Respond to negative reviews – Responding to each and every negative review shows users that you care about providing them with a great experience and are dedicated to improving your app. Seeing your commitment will make them more comfortable with trying your app;
  • Create captivating screenshots – Most users don’t take the time to read an entire app description, so they will look at the screenshots instead. This makes it vitally important for you to highlight the benefits of your app in the screenshots.

During your time as an app developer, you might create a few bad apps that need to be discarded. With mobile app analytics, you will know when this is necessary.

However, you should always keep in mind that some apps just need a little extra work to make them successful. They might need better features or technical repairs. Or maybe your app isn’t visible enough, meaning you need to pay more attention to ASO.

To learn more about improving your app and mobile marketing plan, take a look at all of the helpful articles at AppRankCorner, where you can discover how to make your app successful.