Creating app videos to increase user acquisition

Creating app videos is an important ASO strategy that should not be overlooked. They are best used for convincing users to download an app by showing off its exciting features.

If you are looking to increase user acquisition, keep reading to discover how you can use app videos to achieve this challenging goal.

Why are app videos important?

Visual elements are far more powerful than text, with a video being the strongest element of all. Think about it. What would get you more excited about an app’s benefits? Reading about it, or seeing it in action?

Here are some reasons why app videos are so compelling:

  • You can teach potential users how your app works, which will help them understand its benefits;
  • When they know the benefits of using your app they will begin to see how it can improve their lives;
  • After seeing how your app works they will feel more comfortable downloading it, rather than taking a chance on an app they don’t know much about,
  • Visitors on your app’s product page aren’t very patient. They will quickly decide whether to leave or download the app. Watching a short video will help them digest information about your app’s exciting features much more quickly than reading an app description would.

app-videosTips for creating the best app videos

By now, you should be realizing that app videos need to be part of your ASO strategies. Here are some tips to follow as you create an app video:

  • When creating your app video, keep your app’s features and target market in mind. The video must include the former and appeal to the latter;
  • Look at your competitors’ videos for inspiration. Don’t just copy them, try to outdo them;
  • Keep the videos short, about 30-40 seconds maximum. As already mentioned, people are impatient;
  • Present the most important and exciting information about your app first, ideally in the first six seconds. This ensures that all viewers, including those who don’t watch the entire video, will see the most compelling content;
  • Keep your video simple so that viewers can instantly understand what makes your app so special;
  • It’s also a good idea to include subtitles in case there are some viewers who don’t have sound. You want everyone, regardless of their situation, to realize why they should download your app;
  • Any text-containing images in your video should be easy to see and kept on the screen long enough for viewers to read it;
  • For those viewers who do stick around for the whole video, add a CTA at the end of the presentation that leads them to download your app,
  • Remember, many users will be viewing the app video on small, mobile screens. Keep this in mind while creating your app video so that the finished product will look good on their devices.

If you use these tips, you will be able to create amazing app videos that excite viewers and cause them to download your app.

But be sure to test each video. Compare the results of each one to determine which video performs that best. The video that wins is the one you want to focus on.

When testing app videos, there are certain metrics you should track, such as the number of installs it produces, or the average viewing duration. These metrics provide valuable insight that reveals if your app videos are effective or not. If not, it’s time for you to figure out how to make your videos better.

After creating and testing your app videos, they should be very convincing presentations that increase user acquisition.

But before viewers can watch your videos, they need to find your app. Get help improving your app’s visibility from a specialist.