Choosing the right app name

Picking an app name is not the easiest thing to be done in the world. Think about it. How are you going to come up with a creative name that people will know how to pronounce and it’s easy to remember?

If you strongly believe in the “at first sight” ideology, it is necessary that you create a name for your app that makes it stand out amongst the others on the app stores.

This is also a branding concept and there are many aspects to be considered when you think of the right name for your app and how it will affect the way you do business.

Know your audience

One of the first things you have to look at before coming up with app name suggestions is your target audience. So, first of all, do some research in order to identify your audience.

Once you know what your audience does, where they usually go, their shopping habits, their age, and some other relevant information, it is time to think of a name for your app.

If your target market is young for example, think of names that send the right message to young people in general and if these names are easy to be recalled.

Also, you should come up with names that are somehow related to your app´s main function and purpose.

Let’s say your app is made for people who want to lose weight. Then, it is recommended that you focus on a name that has something to do with a clean diet, healthy lifestyle and so on.

This is an essential step because people tend to look for application names or main functions on the app stores and you want to be easily found.

Study the market

After coming up with mobile app names, it is time to conduct research on the market and check some similar applications. You have to get inspired by their names, marketing strategies, and icon design.

This gives you the chance to see how the market is going at the moment and find a way to also different your app from the existing ones in the same category of yours.

Talk to a trademark specialist

When you are naming your app, it is crucial to talk to a person who knows how to solve trademark issues, because that can happen.

The app stores have specific rules and different processes for allowing the use of any app name in their own systems.

If you violate a trademark, you might be asked to change something related to the app’s name and if you don´t do it, your app might even be removed from that store.

Be remembered

With so many apps available on the stores, you have to find ways to be distinct from your competitors. Besides having an app that provides value to customers, we highly recommend that you pick a name that is catchy and easy to be pronounced.

mobile-appAlso, it has to do with your target market. For example, If your audience is from the US, think of a name that is easy to be pronounced by English native speakers. In addition to that, names with one to three syllables are the best choice for your app to be remembered.

Final thoughts

After all, coming up with app name ideas is not that simple. Basically, the name of your app should be easy to be pronounced by your audience and short enough to be recalled.

This way, it will not be that hard to market your app and to be top ranked. If you have any questions, fill out the form and we will contact you.