Check out some of the coolest mobile trends of 2019

mobile-trendsWe are curious creatures by nature, no doubt about that. And we always want to know what the next big thing is going to be like. This is no different when it comes to mobile trends, but don’t worry, we will keep you informed.

The use of all kinds of technology has become essential to our lifestyle. We pay bills over the internet, play games with our close family members, learn some exotic languages and the list of things we can do goes on.

In today’s article, we will go through some of the top app trends based on really hard statistics. Are you ready?

Artificial Intelligence development

It sounds like movie things, right? But, it is already part of our lives. Many companies have been using some sort of technologies powered by Artificial Intelligence to develop apps and do many other things as well.

In addition to that, according to research conducted by Gartner, by the year of 2022, about 40 percent of co-developers of applications would have to have some expertise in Artificial Intelligence.

The rise of Blockchain’s popularity

Not a lot of people are familiar with that, but if you know what Bitcoin is you’ve probably heard about Blockchain. But, basically, Blockchain has the potential to absolutely shape all kinds of industries, not just cryptocurrencies.

It definitely ensures transparency and minimizes tensions between business ecosystems by eliminating a great number of risks when data is held centrally.

mobile-trends-appChatbots will make it happen

The Chatbot market around the world is expected to grow very strong for years and is one of the most relevant mobile technology trends at the moment.

In addition to that, this particular market was worth about USD 191 million in 2016 and by 2025 it should grow to something close to USD 1.2 billion.

Besides, Chatbots could play an important role as assistants in-apps. How is that so? These Chatbots can be an amazing solution to any kind of customer service in your mobile app.

Video streaming apps

Streaming video apps have been around the place for a while but this is still a marketing trend for 2019.

It is impossible to deny that watching videos on mobile devices is not part of almost everybody’s life. You literally see everywhere people watching series on Netflix or some videos on YouTube.

Additionally, for every sixty minutes users spent on consuming any kind of media this year, about ten minutes would be watching videos on a smartphone or a tablet.

Short-term video leaders would be YouTube and as incredible as it sounds, SnapChat and Instagram have been also growing pretty rapidly in this market.

The growth of consumer spending

Recently, the clients on app stores have been feeling so much more comfortable when spending their money on App Store and Google Play.

According to market data analytics firm, App Annie, it is expected that customer spending is likely to surpass $122 billion this year.

It is still impossible to affirm that this forecast will come true, though, if it does, it will show that the consumer spending on app stores has been growing almost five times faster than the global economy.

In addition, this incredible growth could be thanks to the large number of users who download and make purchases on the app stores.

5G wireless

5G definitely will make user experience much better if we compare it to 4G. If today apps take about five or six minutes to download, under 5G, it should not take longer than a few seconds.

Also, 5G will be very important to the development of 3D gaming and allow better movement connection

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