Branding for Your App: What You Need to Know

When launching your app, establishing your brand is essential for success. This article will reveal some strategies for branding for your app.

Mobile App Branding Defined

Your brand distinguishes you and your offering from the competition. The name, logo, colors, tagline, and anything else that represents your business is part of your brand.

If your business has an app, or if your entire business is centered around your app, mobile app branding is an important part of your marketing plan that shouldn’t be overlooked. Having a well-established brand increases awareness about your app and attracts more users.

Brand Strategy Process

You know that branding for your app is important, but what does it involve? Here is a brief overview that will help you better understand the brand strategy process.

App Logo

Your app’s logo needs to represent your brand. The logo could be:

  • A symbol;
  • Fancy lettering;
  • Or an emblem.

App Icon

Your app’s icon is displayed in the app stores where your app is offered. It should be used to grab the attention of users searching the app store.

An app icon is very small, so its design must be simple and easy to see. Symbols, a mix of brand colors, or fancy lettering generally work best for app icons.

Each app store has its own icon requirements. You might need to create a separate icon for each store, but every icon should have the same general look and feel.

App Title

Your app’s title also contributes to your brand. When coming up with a title, think about how you want your app and its benefits to be expressed. And make sure the title is easy to remember.

When considering an app title, complete the following steps:

  • Check the name’s availability in the app stores;
  • Search the internet for brands that already use that name;
  • Think about how your app’s title will affect its brand colors, in-app design, logo, and anything else that is associated with your app.


In addition to a great title, you also need to come up with a memorable slogan. This slogan should give users a clear understanding of what your brand is all about and how your app helps them.

You will want to use this tagline when promoting your app on your website, social media, landing page, or any other channels included in your mobile marketing plan.


Your brand even influences the style and tone of the copy used in your app, on your website, in your social media posts, and any other channel used to communicate with users.

And remember that consistency is important. No matter what channel you use, each one must have the same tone.

App Graphics

Your app’s graphics need to match the feel of your brand. This will further establish your brand and help your app stand out from competitors.

App Video

Create a video that shows how amazing your app is. The video’s entire feel must complement your brand. Consistency can’t be overemphasized when it comes to branding for your app.

Landing Pages

If you use landing pages to acquire more users, its copy and design elements must also match your brand.

Social Media

Whenever you post or advertise on social media, don’t forget about the image you are projecting. Every time you can get in front of your target market, use it as an opportunity to further establish your brand.

Your mobile app brand affects everything, so don’t forget how important it is. Branding for your app should be kept in mind when designing, developing, and promoting it.

When establishing your brand, you also need to increase your app’s visibility. Get help from an ASO specialist today!