Best app monetization strategies to increase revenue

Apps have become a very effective channel for generating revenue, causing digital marketers to put more time, money and effort into app monetization.

Now there are many different ways to monetize your app. Keep reading to learn more about these various methods so that you can choose the right one for your app.

In-app ads

Digital marketers like this category because it’s the least intrusive to users. There are several different types of in-app ads.

Native ads

Users typically get irritated when advertisements interfere with their app experience, but native ads fit into the app environment so well that users don’t even view them as ads. Rather than getting annoyed, users will be interested in what is being offered.

Smart Banner

Just as its name implies, this banner automatically changes its width and height to fit any mobile screen. However, users may not notice the banner because it only takes up a small part of the screen.

Tips for using in-app ads

Here are a few tips that can help you succeed with in-app ads:

  • As with any marketing strategy, you need to understand your users’ interests and behaviors in order to create a message that appeals to them;
  • Display the ads in a place and at a time that won’t negatively impact user experience;
  • Test different ad formats and continue to use the formats that bring the best results,
  • Don’t show too many ads in your app.

app-monetizationIn-app Purchases

This next category is another app monetization strategy that digital marketers tend to favor. It can be further broken up into four sub-categories, which are given below.


These are game items that users must purchase in order to keep playing the game. They are used up and replenished as needed.


These purchases are only made once and provide users with extra app features.

Auto-Renewable Subscriptions

This is a recurring payment that allows users to access services or features that non-paying users can’t.

Subscriptions are a good fit for the following types of apps:

  • Video apps;
  • Fitness apps;
  • Cloud services,
  • Online magazines.

You can offer different payment plans and provide a discount for users who choose a longer subscription period.

Non-Renewing Subscriptions

This type of subscription doesn’t automatically renew. The user pays once to obtain premium features for a certain length of time.

Data monetization

This probably isn’t the first strategy you would think of, but it can contribute to increasing revenue.

Businesses use data as a guide to develop and improve products and services that customers find valuable. The data your mobile app collects can be sold to those businesses.

The data is non-personal information and users must give their consent before it can be sold.

The information that gets collected includes:

  • Device type;
  • Device version;
  • Screen size;
  • Mobile operator;
  • Network type,
  • Country.

Video Ads

Large companies like Google and Facebook have used this highly effective advertising tactic. A short video presents your app and includes a link for downloading it.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to team up with other developers and earn a commission each time a user downloads another app by clicking on an affiliate link in your app.

It’s important to realize that these affiliate partners are not direct competitors, so there is no need to worry about losing your app’s users to them. The apps you promote should compliment your own, or at least be something your users would be interested in.

Email Marketing

With a long history of success, email marketing continues to remain a great way to reach customers and generate conversions.

In order to make use of this tactic, you need a system to gather email addresses and build your list. This can be done on a website, social media platforms, or even an opt-in form that lives inside of your app.

If you use emails to keep your audience engaged with your app, you will be turning them into loyal customers in no time!

Your app can become a great source of income. The sooner you implement one or more app monetization strategies, the sooner you can make more money. Who doesn’t want that?

The only way to make these strategies work is to make your app more visible. Get in touch with a specialist who can help you increase your app’s visibility.