ASO involves much more than app description

App store optimization is not all about finding the best performing keywords. It also involves optimizing an app description, icon, and many other features that are used to persuade users to download it.

The first things a potential client looks at when on an app store, definitely are your app icon and how your app has been rated. What is the meaning of it? It means that they play an important role when it comes to ASO and you have to pay attention to that.

But not only the app icon and ratings are important. You need to have a description that clearly says what your app offers and what it is about.

The importance of the first three lines of the app description

Basically, it is necessary to convince a user to download your app. With that in mind, a sentence that explains what your app does and the reason why it is a better choice than the other available options on the app stores.

Has your company got an award or something like that? If it has, you should add that to your description because it can make a huge impact.

The majority of users do not even read the full description of an app before downloading it. The key here is to keep it short and make the most out of the first three lines.

App icon

The icon of your app should be attractive to your audience and easily recognized on the app stores. Apart from that, if your app icon is not appealing to your target market, users tend to simply swipe past your app and download another one with similar features.

marketing-appsAlso, we strongly encourage you to avoid adding any kind of text to your app icon because this can be confusing to users and may even look overflowing.

Top keywords

It’s widely recommended to start from a long list of keywords that are somehow related to what your app does. The goal here is to find as many keywords as possible and then analyze how they perform over time.

Also, this list will be eventually reduced until you have the best performing keywords. What we advise you to do is test them first, measure these metrics and do it all over again, so that you can optimize results

Basically, it is a never-ending process that demands a lot of researching, testing and measuring but it has to be done often.

Call to action

After explaining what your app does and what kind of benefits a user can get from that, you should invite your audience to download your app. It does not have to be something sophisticated, it can be very direct like “download this app right now to enjoy this and that”.

See what we mean? It is something quite simple to add to your app description but that is a great way to trigger users’ decision.

How the description length should be like

It is impossible to affirm that there is an ideal text length because that will depend on the app store. For instance, on the Google Play Store, there is a short description that includes 80 characters and a full description with 4000 instead.

On the other hand, the Apple Store offers only one option that includes 4000 characters for the same description.

Even if you are tempted to write as much as you can, you should not use the space entirely. An app description template containing 2000 characters is more than enough to share the most relevant information about your app’s purpose.


If an app is rated 5 stars or at least something close to that, it probably means the app is good enough and provides what the users expect from it.

In addition, many people will download it because they trust ratings and reviews from other users, so you should focus on providing the best product or service you can to get amazing reviews and to be well-rated.

To sum up, you should keep in mind that in order to boost app downloads, for example, you need to focus on ASO, that includes how to write a description, ratings, icon and more. If you are looking for additional insight, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.