Are social media ads effective?

If you want quick results from your online marketing plan, social media ads could be just what you need. Take some time now to learn more about how to use social media advertising to increase app downloads.

Why use social media ads?

With social media, you can specify the target market you want to direct your campaign to, ensuring the ads will only reach those who are most likely to respond to them. This produces the best and quickest results for the lowest cost, generating app downloads almost right away.       

This online marketing strategy can be scaled to infinity. The possibilities really are endless because you can choose how many users see your ad within a certain time frame.  

Furthermore, the success of the campaign isn’t dependant on your target market finding you.  Instead, your ads are put right in front of them.

How to promote your app with social media ads

Here are some social media mobile marketing tips that will help you reach success.

How to choose the right platform

With so many options, how do you know what to pick?

Ask yourself three questions:

  • Where does my target market like to hang out?
  • Where is my target market easiest to reach?
  • On which platform does my target market most likely respond to paid ads?

As you can see, the platform you choose depends on where your people are. Follow them wherever they go.

Promotion preparations

Before doing anything else, you must have an end goal in mind. Once that’s determined you can then figure out the best strategies that will help you get there.     

The next step is to design your ads. If you don’t have this ability, hire someone who can create the ads for you.

Remember that each social platform has different ad size requirements. If you advertise on multiple platforms, you will need to create a separate ad for each one.

Best social media platforms

Here are some of the most popular platforms.


With many targeting and retargeting options, Facebook is great for keeping your costs to a minimum while still getting great results.

Here are some tips to make that happen:

  • Create seperate ads for separate purposes, one for prospecting and one for retargeting;
  • Design different ads for different segments of your market,
  • Change up your ads about every two weeks so that people don’t get tired of them.


There are four different types of Instagram ads:

  • Image Ads – These are considered the traditional option;
  • Video Ads – Use the power of video to capture the attention of your target market;
  • Carousel Ads – This type of ad uses multiple images and includes a CTA button,
  • Instagram Stories – These are user stories with your ad placed between them.  


Twitter Cards allow users to download your app straight from Twitter, making it a great place for developers to promote apps. Remember that images are vital for grabbing attention and compelling users to download your app.  


In contrast to the ads found on other platforms, promoted pins don’t look like ads. In fact, they fit right in with the un-paid pins that surround them.

Follow these tips to find success on Pinterest.

  • Make creative pins that stand out;
  • Write long, thorough descriptions for your pins that include keywords and hashtags,
  • Expand your reach by repinning the content of others.

No matter which platform you choose, an effective social media advertising strategy can help you acquire more users for your app, which will ultimately increase your profit.  

But social media ads are not the only mobile marketing strategies that are important. ASO is just as necessary. Reach out to an ASO expert to get some help and start making your app a success.