App store optimization tools that help increase app visibility

No matter how great your app is, if users can’t find it they won’t download it. App Store Optimization tools can help you improve your app’s rank and increase its visibility.

Types of App Store Optimization tools

There are many different types of ASO tools that fit into various categories. Let’s take a look at some of those categories.

General ASO Tools

Tools that fall into this category help with:

  • Keeping track of revenue;
  • Keyword ranking tracking;
  • Monitoring conversion rate;
  • Finding new keywords;
  • Keeping an eye on competitors,
  • And more!

Optimizing Keywords

Although the keyword tools in this category can direct you to some great keywords, you can’t simply choose the best search terms and stuff them into your app title and description. Ranking algorithms really don’t like that, by the way.

Instead, you must sprinkle them throughout a compelling, well-written description, making them flow naturally into the sentences.

As for your app’s title, choose one or two of the best keywords you settled on, and add them to the end of the title. Just don’t let it look spammy.

If you are targeting multiple countries, research keywords for each individual country using your ASO keyword tool and customize the description and app title to best appeal to each country’s audience.

Monitoring Competitors

This subcategory of ASO tools is exciting for those who want to spy on their competitors.

These tools can estimate competitor data for:

  • App downloads;
  • Revenue;
  • Advertising costs;
  • Market authority,
  • And more!

This information comes in handy for competitor analysis or when you are working on a new marketing plan.

app-toolsUser Ratings and Reviews Tools

You can use these tools to learn what users like about your app and what they wish you would improve. Following their suggestions and critiques will help you make your app better for users, resulting in positive reviews that give your app’s rank a boost and increase downloads.

And when you resolve the issues that were brought up in reviews, be sure to let users who complained about those problems know they have been fixed. Your ASO tool should enable you to easily respond to these complaints.

Those users who initially complained might write another, more favorable review after they become aware of your app’s improvements.

Some review tools help your app get as many positive reviews as possible by only offering certain users (those who are most likely to be happy with your app) the chance to review and rate it.

Remember, the more positive reviews your app has, the more likely it will rank well.

Product Page Tools

App title, screenshots, videos, description, and other product page elements impact ASO.

Tools from this category can help you improve these elements, which will not only help your app rank better but will also convince users who find it to download it.

This is accomplished with A/B testing tools that allow you to compare different product pages. By analyzing how well each one performs, you can figure out what ASO strategies generate the most downloads.

Be careful though. Changing product page elements too often can end up hurting ASO and totally defeating the purpose of these tools.

As you attempt to increase your app’s visibility and improve its app store rank, try using some of the ASO tools mentioned in this article. They can be incredibly helpful and enable you to reach your goals much sooner.

But even with the best ASO tools, it can be hard to get your app seen. So reach out to an ASO specialist who can help you succeed in making your app more visible and getting more downloads.