How app reviews work and their importance

App reviews are really important to your mobile marketing strategy and sometimes can be considered as if it was an advice from a person you know, like a family member or a close friend.

Let’s think of what a 5-star rating truly means. If everybody rated an app 5 stars, it should be the best app ever, right? Well, not quite.

It means the app works and provides solutions to the general public, but that alone does not mean it is the best choice for you. Maybe it works great for them and it could work for you as well. Maybe not. You would have to give it a try and find that out yourself.

By the way, do you actually know the difference between ratings and app store reviews? Not a lot of people do and we are here to get you covered.

App reviews and ratings

Here it is: you should have in mind that ratings might provide some sort of objective feedback and reviews usually generate precious insights. That’s how we can define it and this is our direct way of making that clear to you.

app-store-reviewsDid you also know that there is a link between some statistics like the number of times an app has been downloaded, the kind of reviews this app gets from its users and how people tend to find it on the app stores?

For instance, Apple uses an app search engine named Chomp. Basically, it uses some feedbacks from customers to dramatically impact how an app is found. In addition to that, let’s say the five-star rated apps get some kind of reward for having such impressive ratings and the apps with low rankings get “punished”.

This is definitely a way of making sure app developers are doing their best to provide value to their users, besides fixing bugs and improving the app´s mobile marketing strategy.

Are app reviews trustworthy?

Theoretically, if an app gets a very high score, it means it works well and people are happy with that app. We know it does not work this way in the real world though. Do you know the reason why? There is a trade in fake reviews. Yes, it does not sound that good but it is a fact.

For example, if you discover an application on the app stores that has received two-star ratings and it has got a bad reputation on Google reviews app, it should not be the one that suits your needs.

But what about apps that get thousands of great reviews that sound all the same and seem to be artificial?

If you look up on the internet for something like “paid app reviews” you will probably find services selling app opinions to artificially raise the standing of these apps on app stores.

It is safe to say some developers buy reviews for about $2 and it is also possible to spend even less than that.

However, this practice violates both Apple´s App Store Review Guidelines and Google Play Developer Program Policies. This can also result in the removal of the app or even the exclusion of the developer.

Ways of getting great customer feedback

The apps that provide what they promise and are bug free, usually are the highest rated apps. Amazing customer service plays an important role here and you should also focus on that.

Let’s say your app is a dating app. To get reviews from your customers, you can offer some additional “super likes” or let them change their location in exchange for their app opinions. If you aim to receive outstanding reviews, it is a great idea to offer customer support on demand, like asking for feedback after users receive the help they need.

Remember that you should ask for reviews after the customer is familiar enough with the tools your app offer and do not interrupt them while they are using the app.

Hopefully, we explained clearly how app reviews work and what the best ways of getting your audience to comment on your app’s performance are. If you have any questions regarding this subject, drop us a line and remember to sign up to our newsletter.