App preview video will make the difference

App previews are considered by many people one of the best ways to present your app to users that might actually download the app. What is so good about it? Well, it basically shows how your app works and what kind of experience it can provide to new users.

In addition to that, recent studies indicate that users are three times more inclined to perform an app install after watching a preview video.

Fundamentally, with a video preview, potential clients will be able to check how your app works from the get-go and chances are, they will only download your app after making sure it is what they are looking for, which can lead to a more engaged audience and ultimately great customer retention.

In today’s article, we will cover some of the best ways to promote your app through app preview videos.

Be direct

People who are on the app stores usually want to see what your app is all about in less than 10 seconds.

Actually, we´ve come across research that says the average video watch is between 4 – 6.5 seconds and below 20% of the people who start watching an app preview, will watch the entire video.

Because of that reason, it is extremely recommended that you show your audience your app´s main purpose and also your brand’s most valuable assets in less than 6 seconds.

Highlight your app´s most important features

Since you are allowed to only have three different app preview videos, you should highlight your app´s most important features in each of them.

It is crucial to focus on totally different aspects of your app, otherwise, users might think your app does not have much value to offer and this way, they will not be stimulated to seek further.

Having different videos that show different aspects of your app allows you to track how users have been interacting with your videos. That can provide your company with some great insights regarding customers´ behavior and also see which videos are engaging.

Add callouts and subtitles

At this point, it is widely known that you should not produce any preview video with sound or music. It is still possible, though, to add some subtitles or callouts to make it easier for the potential clients to understand what your app´s main aspects are.

We advise you to focus on the right audience by adopting appropriate language and terms, so your message can be easily comprehended.

Also, keep in mind that, any text you might include should be legible and it should be on the screen long enough, so people will read it.

Testing is essential

The best way to understand what really works for a mobile preview video is to test it out. From doing that, you can get insights that will help you optimize your strategies in order to achieve the best results you can.

You should look for information like the number of installs you´ve got, during which second of the video people downloaded it, and how long they watched the video preview for before dropping it.

Then, you should test what kind of content works best. Including three videos is actually the way to go and also testing video “x” before video “Y” to see how your audience reacts.

video-previewASO next steps

If you follow the tips we’ve shared with you, your app will meet all the app store preview requirements. Besides that, it is always necessary to mention that having an app preview will give you better chances to stand out among the competition.