What is the relevance of app metrics to a marketing strategy?

As a mobile marketing manager, we know that you invest on a regular basis a lot of time and money in your app. So, how do you optimize your strategies? We’ve broken out some of the most important app metrics for you to know if your tactics have been working.

In fact, measuring and tracking your app’s performance is essential for any marketing plan.

This way, it is possible to see how many app downloads you’ve got last month, how your audience engages with your content, if your clients are satisfied with what your app offers them and so on.

The number of app downloads

To be quite honest, app downloads are one of the most relevant KPI examples when it comes to mobile strategies.

It basically represents the number of times your app has been downloaded during a particular period of time.

Assuming your app has got few or no downloads last week. What does it possibly mean? Probably, it means that your marketing efforts have not been effective to reach your audience.

Maybe you need to look for issues with your marketing funnel or that you have to improve your ASO strategy in order to see some solid results.

How users engage with your app

Constantly measuring how users interact with your application can give you some precious insights, which may help you understand what works and what does not work.

This is an essential mobile KPI to track. If a user downloaded your app but he is not an active user, for instance.

In addition to that, there are many analytics tools that basically have their own way of identifying what an active user acts like and that is a metric known as “session”.

Active users can be segmented according to the frequency they use your app. If they use it on a daily basis, they are considered to be DAU (daily active users).

On the other hand, if a user has at least a session a month, he can be segmented as MAU (monthly active users).

What app churn is?

Actually, it measures the percentage of clients who downloaded your app but for any particular reason, decided to uninstall it.

But, app churn makes a real impact when your best customers (users who make in-app purchases) or your most active users leave the app, instead of those who have your app installed but never actually helped you increase revenue.

If you’ve recently noticed that your app has a high churn rate, then you should pay close attention to who is leaving your app and why they are doing it.

For example, a user installed your app but a few days after that, he abandoned the application. Maybe your app does not provide long-term value to them or there are crashes and bugs that could discourage these users.

mobile-app-kpiEvent tracking is a must

Event tracking is a much more specific mobile KPI when compared to the other ones we’ve shared with you in this article.

With that said, it enables you to actually see what actions users have been taking when using your app.

Some examples of events might include a purchase made by a user or some content he shared with a family member.

It is important to mention that collecting data and measuring results are great, though, you do not have to track everything there is to track. Instead, you should focus on the events that make the most sense to your company.

Concluding note

The hands-on knowledge of how the users of your app behave and act can help you set up a successful marketing campaign, in which mobile app metrics play a major role in your ASO strategies.

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