3 best App Store Optimization tactics for your company

app-store-optimizationApp Store Optimization operates basically the same way as SEO. Its purpose is to organically help an application reach the top positions on the app stores.

The App Store and Google Play Store rank the most relevant and most downloaded apps at the top of the searches and that’s why you want to use the best tactics to achieve top positions.

According to research conducted by Forresters, 63% of apps are found by mobile users via app store searches, which clearly demonstrates the importance of optimizing your mobile strategy.

As you might think, it sounds a bit too complicated but this article aims to make it all clear to you and guide you on achieving your company’s goals.

The scenario

This scenario is very similar to website optimization if you take a look at the big picture.

Both the App Store and Google Play want to provide users with the best possible experience and how do they do it? They want to accomplish two things, basically. These things are relevance and quality.

For instance, when you look for specific keywords such as “finance” or “running”, the app stores will give you the most relevant results, according to app descriptions that match your search.

Also, quality is something that is taken very seriously. Not only relevance is key here, but how attractive an app seems to be.

1. Choose a picky app name

Picking a name for your app can be sort of difficult. Actually, coming up with names should not be that hard, but what we mean here is that you need to choose a name that makes the most sense to your app’s main purpose and features.

Let’s say you have a running app. We strongly recommend that you name it accordingly. For example, you want to pick a name like “My running pal” or something like that.

Maybe it is not the best possible catchy name there is, but definitely, this is a keyword-optimized name that can be top ranked when people look for “running” on the app stores.

app-store-optimization-mobile2. Design an attractive app icon

We highly suggest that you put some effort to design a very appealing app icon that will catch the attention of potential clients and stand out amongst competition on both stores.

In order to achieve that, you should not add words to the icon of your company’s app at all, unless your brand’s logo is like Facebook or Forbes.

Additionally, it is widely recommended that you do not mix a lot of colors, otherwise, your audience may find it misleading.

So, what is the alternative for that? Pick bold colors that match with your brand’s guideline and remember to add contrast by selecting light and dark colors.

3. Create a short app preview video

Creating app preview videos is one of the best ways to showcase how your app works and it makes a huge difference when you implement this feature in your ASO strategy.

Keep in mind that preview videos should not be too long, due to the short-lasting average video watch.

Why is that? According to studies, a preview video should last between 4 – 6.5 seconds, because people usually want to know immediately if that app provides what they are looking for.
By now, you should be more familiar with what ASO is and some of the good practices we’ve shared with you in this article. This way, you will be able to achieve pretty solid results by optimizing your app.

Do you agree with these ASO tactics? Share your thoughts in the comments!