The Basics of App Store Optimization You Need to Learn

If you know anything about app store optimization (ASO) you are aware that it’s a vital part of your user acquisition plan. To learn more about it and how it’s done, keep reading.

What is ASO?

Those who are familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) already have a basic understanding of ASO. Just as SEO improves web site rankings in search engine results, ASO improves app store ranking for apps.

If you don’t know much about SEO, here’s a little overview:

  • Website owners choose certain keywords to target;
  • Those keywords are incorporated into the web site’s content,
  • The site’s pages are optimized in order to rank for the targeted keywords.

Pages that rank well are:

  • Relevant – The page’s content is relevant to the keywords.
  • High-quality – The page’s content offers valuable information to readers.

The same idea applies to app store optimization. When listing your app in the app stores, you must choose app store keywords to target, include those keywords in the content of your app’s store page, and optimize the page so that it has a better chance of ranking for those keywords.

This will allow users to find your app when they search the keywords you have chosen to target.

Why does ASO matter? If you want your app to reach the top of the app store search results, you must implement the right mobile app optimization tactics. Otherwise, your app will remain out of sight and out of mind.

Since most apps are downloaded after users find them in the app stores, you need your app to rank well. If it doesn’t, your app won’t acquire nearly as many users as it could by ranking at the top.

Important ASO tactics

This section will reveal a bit more about what app store optimization involves.

Choose the right app name

You need to come up with an app name that clearly indicates your app’s purpose and features. Be sure to include the most important keyword in the name.

Create an icon that stands out

Think of all the apps that are competing for attention in the app stores. Even if your app ranks at the top, how will it stand out from the other top-ranked apps?

Creating a great app icon will help. If your app’s icon captures attention, users will want to look more closely at what you have to offer. This will keep their eyes off of competing apps and glued to your app.

Write a compelling app description

After your app’s icon attracts users, they will want to find out more about your app. You can provide information about your app by writing a compelling description.

This description should explain what makes your app great and how it helps users. Don’t forget to include a list of its best features.

Allow users to see inside your app

Most users lack the patience required to thoroughly read your app’s description. That’s why your app’s screenshots are so important. They provide a visual of your app’s features which will help users understand how they would benefit from downloading your app.

Show off your app with an app preview

If you really want users to get a feel for your app, present it to them in an app preview. This will allow users to see how your app works, which will convince them to download it. Keep the preview short and get right to the point so that users don’t lose interest.

Now that you’ve read this article you should have a fundamental understanding of app store optimization. Put this new knowledge to good use by getting started on your ASO strategy. Once you do, your app’s rank and user acquisition rate will gradually improve.

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