Algorithm changes again !


Apple Store changed their search algorithm on the 11th of december 2013.

We noticed that some keywords positions and apps ranking changed on the 11th of december. For instance, keyword like “medication” for the application ‘the pill’ went from position 100 to 214 or “prevention” from 45-69 in USA, and in UK “medication tracker” which was ranked 24, felt down to 45.

Some keywords position changes are not always negative, we saw some good surprises like for the word ‘octopus’ and the application ‘Ice Heroes’ (position 154 jumped to 108).

The changes can be noticed in all the stores, but we noticed it only on iPhone (yet).
Apple don’t provide any details about this search algorithme modification. But we suppose some reasons : Apple could make some tests with Cupertino company and perhaps tries to develop some new features. It could be also linked with the search apps optimization and with the keywords misspellings corrections.