Apple is testing related search suggestion on the App Store


Apple is testing related suggestions in the iPhone iTunes search tab but does not go into detail about it. This feature is currently available only on U.S Apple Store but Apple makes promise to include to all others ones in some weeks.
How you can see on these screenshots, as soon as you search an app you will see a line with special suggestions of the related apps keywords.

For exemple when you tap « twitter »  it will show you some suggestions like « news apps » or « traffic apps » which are not really related. That’s the point if they are not exactly related to your search why Apple fights for the idea to show it off ?

Apple has obviously noticed that more than 60 pour cents of apps are downloaded thanks to search queries and the users does not really need to look for them in Apple selection or in the different categories. We suppose that Apple could use suggestions panel in commercial interests in order to promote their own apps. It makes us think that they could planify to do the same thing as Twitter does for exemple to display commercial tendencies and why not to offer commercial suggestions ? or it associates with google adwords who makes your web sites visible for money.

These new suggestions of the related apps keywords could throw apps users into confusion : you want to find a calendar but we offer you something else instead of it.

Finally, nobody should undervalue the force of ASO tools if even Apples cares about a lot by buying Chomp for 50 millions dollars and now is getting inspiration from it. You have already noticed the close resemblance between Chomp search algorithm and Apple.

It does not change the fact that apps keywords and optimized apps are becoming more powerful and as well as required elements for getting discovered on Apple Store. In our opinion, the related suggestions won’t affect your keyword optimization, the related suggestions are on the top of the page but with text only, the apps ranking for the search term are still the most important on the page, with screenshots and ratings.