Are they using the right keywords?


Spotify dominates the market and increases its audience incredibly by getting premium 10 millions subscribers!

This is not surprising that the app is ranked number one almost in all countries for the keyword music. They have certainly selected intentionally the word music for the app title to increase their chances to be absolutely ranked for this keyword.

Spotify music gets a leading position for the keyword « music » in United States despite the fact that Apple has the intention to buy Beats Music.

Unfortunately their competitor Deezer seems to miss the boat entirely by excluding the keyword music for its application in United States!

Curiously Deezer prefers to focus on gaining new customers by choosing the keyword « music » in other countries such as Russia (by the way Spotify has not added at all its app on Russian and Ukrainian Apple Store).

After raising more than 500 millions of dollars and their success in Europe, Spotify has started to attract the American users in 2011. Since they represent a number of 3 million subscribers.