Advanced help


Once you have your application configured with a country (see the help section for more information), you can start to track your keywords, see their ranking, and find new keywords thanks to the suggestion tool.

You can see the iPhone/iPad search position for each keyword or phrase:

About the Difficulty / Popularity:
The popularity of a keyword is an estimation of how much this keyword or phrase is being searched. So you might want to find keywords with a high popularity.
The difficulty is based on the popularity level and the number of competitors for this keyword.
The goal is to find a low difficulty and a high popularity: it will increase your chances to be visible for the search phrase on the AppStore.
Please note that you must always find relevant keywords for your application, and niche applications will almost always have a low popularity (it does not mean that people won't search for your app).
Finding keywords with a few competitors will give you more chance to be visible, it might be better to be ranked 5 among 10 competitors, than being 100 among 15000.

Click on the rank numbers to show its stats history. The search rankings and the categories ranking are shown on the graph, it helps you to see your app progression.

Click on a keyword or phrase will open the suggestion tool. Choose keywords or phrases related to your application, they will be added to the list and you will see their detailed statistics.

When you find a good keyword, add it to the keyword list at the top of the page, they will be listed in green in the list. For the phrases, separate each word with a comma. Ex: for the phrase "birth control pill", add the following keywords: birth,control,pill.
It means that your app will be ranked for different combination of words which appear in your list (included your app name).