Start tracking your app revenue and downloads with us


AppRankCorner offers you to follow your apps sales in order to analyze the results of your apps and keyword activity.

The apps sales tracking will help you to get an overview of your apps daily perfomance: revenue & downloads, updates and in-apps purchases.

At a single glance analyze and estimate quickly and easy the number of updates and downloads for all your apps.

Visualize all your in-apps daily purchases thanks to our detailed and understandable graphs.

In-apps purchases are included in the most popular and (often free apps) and they became a great source of revenue.

It might as well to include them in all your apps to increase their availability and boost their downloads only on top grossing chart on Apple Store.

Our subscribers can also download themselves the daily CSV reports and upload them, or use the semi-automatic tool by entering their login, vnd number and password.

Attention: we don’t keep your credentials, they are directly passed to the iTunesConnect tool to download the reports.

Once processed, the CSV files are deleted.
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