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How to increase your app downloads by choosing a well known, high searched title and keywords.

As everybody noticed, a popular title means a lot for an app and it can really boost its downloads. Successful apps are so attracted to become easily remade and to get more downloads. For example flappy bird’s remakes have crowded out the market place or yo’apps are making a rush now on Apple Store!

It becomes almost a piece of cake to choose the similar app’s keywords and title in order to make your app visible.

We have tested this way by developing a new app for OSX. It was called «Gmail Notifier Pro » several months ago and its title that linked with gmail has absolutely contributed to increase «Gmail Notifier Pro» apps downloads in France since its launch. It was really visible on App Store thanks to the keyword « gmail » and attracted a lot of customers.

One day, our app was waiting for an update and Apple claimed to change our apps name. it’s written in Gmail Notifier Pro’s description that it’s a third party application for Gmail. Anyway, we were obliged to change our app name according to the Apple’s guide lines.

The result of this change was surprising and made ex Gmail Notifier Pro (now Notifier Pro for Gmail) almost invisible on App Store. This app has significantly lost 40% of downloads in all countries just because of its title change!

The search position for the keyword 'gmail' has dramatically fallen down, even if it was still in the application name!

Finally, don’t loose this opportunity to select a popular and high searched app’s title and keywords. Get your apps ideas and your inspiration from the latest trends and from other popular apps and keywords. Choose wisely as long as you can!

and prefers now to show only the top 150 apps


Apple won't show you anymore the top 300 apps on iOS App Store.

This change has been noticed on 23th of May and instead of displaying the top 300 apps, Apple prefers to show only the top 150 apps. Users can still find your app on the top 200 apps on OSX App Store.

It might affect your apps rankings now if it was ranked around 200 or more but it won't change anything for top selling apps. The users will have to look a bit longer for your app if you are not ranked on the top 150 apps. Fortunately, they can still find your app in your category or thanks to search queries by entering the appropriate keywords.

The reason of this change can be linked with the related keywords search suggestions that Apple has recently added in United States. It means that users can be more attracted to look for apps thanks to search queries and keywords search suggestions instead of finding apps in the top 150 apps.

We really think that almost nobody goes so far to find an app and it was completely useless. Anyway it can reinforce the organic apps search and the interest in ASO.

Are they using the right keywords?


Spotify dominates the market and increases its audience incredibly by getting premium 10 millions subscribers!

This is not surprising that the app is ranked number one almost in all countries for the keyword music. They have certainly selected intentionally the word music for the app title to increase their chances to be absolutely ranked for this keyword.

Spotify music gets a leading position for the keyword « music » in United States despite the fact that Apple has the intention to buy Beats Music.

Unfortunately their competitor Deezer seems to miss the boat entirely by excluding the keyword music for its application in United States!

Curiously Deezer prefers to focus on gaining new customers by choosing the keyword « music » in other countries such as Russia (by the way Spotify has not added at all its app on Russian and Ukrainian Apple Store).

After raising more than 500 millions of dollars and their success in Europe, Spotify has started to attract the American users in 2011. Since they represent a number of 3 million subscribers.

Has apple changed again its search algorithm?


We have noticed that Apple changes probably its algorithm again on 8th of May.

Nobody can explain how it can be possible to see the keywords rankings growing up and falling down with no reason. Astonishingly most of the keywords have increased their ranking. However these changes did not really affect the apps rankings.

For exemple for our game «Ice Heroes » there are some keywords on American Apple Store which have been affected by a new algorithm:

The keyword slash on the 8th of May went from 451 to 427.

Another one octopus has been risen from 132 to 176 .

But the most incredible thing happened with the word element (Ice Heroes became ranked on 469 for this keyword) !

In Germany the keyword ice heroes moves from 5 to the second position exactly at the same time.

There are also curious keywords rankings changes which happened to another app The Pill.

For instance, in France the keyword alarme from 112 goes to 95 (!)

In Switzerland the keyword alarme from 117 goes to 100 position on the 8th of May.

Apple plays games again with us and we love it !

To be continued :) and if you noticed your apps keyword changes share it!

It's strange why did they change their keywords and stop being ranked with them?

What use ASO Tools?


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Apple is testing related search suggestion on the App Store


Apple is testing related suggestions in the iPhone iTunes search tab but does not go into detail about it. This feature is currently available only on U.S Apple Store but Apple makes promise to include to all others ones in some weeks.
How you can see on these screenshots, as soon as you search an app you will see a line with special suggestions of the related apps keywords.

For exemple when you tap « twitter »  it will show you some suggestions like « news apps » or « traffic apps » which are not really related. That’s the point if they are not exactly related to your search why Apple fights for the idea to show it off ?

Apple has obviously noticed that more than 60 pour cents of apps are downloaded thanks to search queries and the users does not really need to look for them in Apple selection or in the different categories. We suppose that Apple could use suggestions panel in commercial interests in order to promote their own apps. It makes us think that they could planify to do the same thing as Twitter does for exemple to display commercial tendencies and why not to offer commercial suggestions ? or it associates with google adwords who makes your web sites visible for money.

These new suggestions of the related apps keywords could throw apps users into confusion : you want to find a calendar but we offer you something else instead of it.

Finally, nobody should undervalue the force of ASO tools if even Apples cares about a lot by buying Chomp for 50 millions dollars and now is getting inspiration from it. You have already noticed the close resemblance between Chomp search algorithm and Apple.

It does not change the fact that apps keywords and optimized apps are becoming more powerful and as well as required elements for getting discovered on Apple Store. In our opinion, the related suggestions won’t affect your keyword optimization, the related suggestions are on the top of the page but with text only, the apps ranking for the search term are still the most important on the page, with screenshots and ratings.

What happened with Candy Crush's keywords?


In January Candy Crush announced to forbid using the keywords "candy" and "saga" in the other applications titles.

Finally their company King has achieved to register a trademark for the keyword Candy in the U.S.

On the 28th of March Candy Crush made an update but surprisingly we have seen the real change in their keywords list.

We have noticed that Candy Crush has deleted a lot of keywords such "familly", "cute", "sweet", "best" from their keywords list after the update on 28th of February 2014. You can also see on our graphs that they are only ranked with the keywords existant in their title.

It's strange why did they change their keywords and stop being ranked with them?

Start tracking your app revenue and downloads with us


AppRankCorner offers you to follow your apps sales in order to analyze the results of your apps and keyword activity.

The apps sales tracking will help you to get an overview of your apps daily perfomance: revenue & downloads, updates and in-apps purchases.

At a single glance analyze and estimate quickly and easy the number of updates and downloads for all your apps.

Visualize all your in-apps daily purchases thanks to our detailed and understandable graphs.

In-apps purchases are included in the most popular and (often free apps) and they became a great source of revenue.

It might as well to include them in all your apps to increase their availability and boost their downloads only on top grossing chart on Apple Store.

Our subscribers can also download themselves the daily CSV reports and upload them, or use the semi-automatic tool by entering their login, vnd number and password.

Attention: we don’t keep your credentials, they are directly passed to the iTunesConnect tool to download the reports.

Once processed, the CSV files are deleted.
Feel free to share your thoughts about our new feature with us!

Some search terms are ranking better....


On the 28th of January, we have noticed that some of the search phrase we are tracking have suddently changed again (see the previous post).

It affects a few keywords but as you can see on the screenshots bellow, the ranking has been significantly improved:

Interestingly, the search phrase "color tracking" on one of our game is now ranking much higher, but "motion tracking" has not changed at all. The three keywords motion,color,tracking are in the list.

Over the same period, the number of downloads and the ranking was pretty stable, we will keep an eye on it and see if we notice other changes.

Contact us to share your thoughts!

good news for everyone !


We are pleased to announce that we have upgraded the FREE account, and you can now fully enjoy the AppRankCorner features for 1 application, including 30 countries, email reports and the suggestion tool !

We have also upgraded the INDIE to 5 apps, and the ENTERPRISE to 30 apps.

We hope you will enjoy it. Contact us to share your thoughts and expectation, is YOUR tool !

Receive daily reports about your applications


Receive daily AppRankCorner reports which will help you to optimize your apps ranking and even more :

Keep track of your apps ranking

Have always an eye on the apps ranking change or its progression on Apple Store. It becomes easier to analyze your apps thanks to our detailed reports and graphs.

Stay in touch with the latest reviews and the apps users

As soon as your app appears on Apple Store, it’s not a secret that it will be evaluated by the users betimes or never. High-rated apps are being often downloaded and watched than the others. It does not exist a perfect app and each one can be easily misestimated or depreciated for any reason. Most of apps include a direct link to contact the developper inside the app in order to avoid negative reviews. The developers can’t really reply and contact the users on Apple Store because there is no any feedback feature. In that way, you need to always keep in touch with all reviews which affect directly your apps ranking. Then, you have to consider users opinion and mostly satisfy their needs.

COMING SOON: Estimate and examine your apps profits

Keep vigilant watch on your apps revenues thanks to our daily reports and it will you to help to tune the price according to your apps profit. The free apps with in-apps and/or advertising tend to generate more profit and are more downloaded than the paid ones.

AppRankCorner shows the same results as the App Store


When we want to optimize an application keywords, we need accurate information.

AppRankCorner will show you the same search rankings as the ones you will see under iTunes or your iPhone/iPad.

For example, the search results on the French store, for the keyword "pieuvre" (octopus) is exactly the same as on iTunes:

We work hard to provide you the best ASO tool !

Advanced help


Once you have your application configured with a country (see the help section for more information), you can start to track your keywords, see their ranking, and find new keywords thanks to the suggestion tool.

You can see the iPhone/iPad search position for each keyword or phrase:

About the Difficulty / Popularity:
The popularity of a keyword is an estimation of how much this keyword or phrase is being searched. So you might want to find keywords with a high popularity.
The difficulty is based on the popularity level and the number of competitors for this keyword.
The goal is to find a low difficulty and a high popularity: it will increase your chances to be visible for the search phrase on the AppStore.
Please note that you must always find relevant keywords for your application, and niche applications will almost always have a low popularity (it does not mean that people won't search for your app).
Finding keywords with a few competitors will give you more chance to be visible, it might be better to be ranked 5 among 10 competitors, than being 100 among 15000.

Click on the rank numbers to show its stats history. The search rankings and the categories ranking are shown on the graph, it helps you to see your app progression.

Click on a keyword or phrase will open the suggestion tool. Choose keywords or phrases related to your application, they will be added to the list and you will see their detailed statistics.

When you find a good keyword, add it to the keyword list at the top of the page, they will be listed in green in the list. For the phrases, separate each word with a comma. Ex: for the phrase "birth control pill", add the following keywords: birth,control,pill.
It means that your app will be ranked for different combination of words which appear in your list (included your app name).

Why do I need a keyword optimization for my applications ?


Today you can’t undervalue the force of keywords because the research of applications on App Store becomes the most popular way to discover new Apps.
The customer is a busy person who does not want to wast his precious time looking for the application in the various categories.
For example it’s easier to enter “clock” and to see the results than to find the same thing in the categories.
If you manage to select the high rated with our tool with the less concurrency your clock application will appear in the front of the others and will be downloaded immediately.
It works as a great tool to defeat your competitors.

iOS keywords advices

  • You can use only 100 characters for the keywords on Appstore. Remove the spaces!

  • Modify your keywords at the same time when you submit the application for update.

  • Use only relevants keywords.

  • You are up to include the name of your application also for the keyword.
    If your applications are in the different languages, translate them and your various keywords in each language.

  • Use two descriptive and short keywords than a longest one.

  • Try to choose unused and infrequent keywords which will make your applications popular and visible. Specify them.

  • Separate each keyword with commas.

  • Get inspiration from your competitors and also from their keywords.

  • You can also use the abbreviation of your keywords.

  • Always add new features in your application’s description.

  • If your application is the category utility, pick the problem as a keyword for exemple “unemployement” and its solution as your keyword too “find a job”.

  • Apply the long tails keywords if your apps is very specific for exemple “birth contraception pill”

  • Avoid using agressive and rude terms for your keywords.

  • Use the same keywords as the same ones of another application. They will be automatically rejected on App store.

  • Never use copywrighted keywords.

  • Never use the most popular terms and look for the others which are less known for your visibility.

Also remember that the screenshots and your app icon are VERY important. That's what will generate or not a download.

Even if your keywords are chosen wisely, people won't download your app if it is low rated, or if your app is not attractive.

Algorithm changes again !


Apple Store changed their search algorithm on the 11th of december 2013.

We noticed that some keywords positions and apps ranking changed on the 11th of december. For instance, keyword like “medication” for the application ‘the pill’ went from position 100 to 214 or “prevention” from 45-69 in USA, and in UK “medication tracker” which was ranked 24, felt down to 45.

Some keywords position changes are not always negative, we saw some good surprises like for the word ‘octopus’ and the application ‘Ice Heroes’ (position 154 jumped to 108).

The changes can be noticed in all the stores, but we noticed it only on iPhone (yet).
Apple don’t provide any details about this search algorithme modification. But we suppose some reasons : Apple could make some tests with Cupertino company and perhaps tries to develop some new features. It could be also linked with the search apps optimization and with the keywords misspellings corrections.