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Receive daily AppRankCorner reports which will help you to optimize your apps ranking and even more :

Keep track of your apps ranking

Have always an eye on the apps ranking change or its progression on Apple Store. It becomes easier to analyze your apps thanks to our detailed reports and graphs.

Stay in touch with the latest reviews and the apps users

As soon as your app appears on Apple Store, it’s not a secret that it will be evaluated by the users betimes or never. High-rated apps are being often downloaded and watched than the others. It does not exist a perfect app and each one can be easily misestimated or depreciated for any reason. Most of apps include a direct link to contact the developper inside the app in order to avoid negative reviews. The developers can’t really reply and contact the users on Apple Store because there is no any feedback feature. In that way, you need to always keep in touch with all reviews which affect directly your apps ranking. Then, you have to consider users opinion and mostly satisfy their needs.

COMING SOON: Estimate and examine your apps profits

Keep vigilant watch on your apps revenues thanks to our daily reports and it will you to help to tune the price according to your apps profit. The free apps with in-apps and/or advertising tend to generate more profit and are more downloaded than the paid ones.