and prefers now to show only the top 150 apps


Apple won't show you anymore the top 300 apps on iOS App Store.

This change has been noticed on 23th of May and instead of displaying the top 300 apps, Apple prefers to show only the top 150 apps. Users can still find your app on the top 200 apps on OSX App Store.

It might affect your apps rankings now if it was ranked around 200 or more but it won't change anything for top selling apps. The users will have to look a bit longer for your app if you are not ranked on the top 150 apps. Fortunately, they can still find your app in your category or thanks to search queries by entering the appropriate keywords.

The reason of this change can be linked with the related keywords search suggestions that Apple has recently added in United States. It means that users can be more attracted to look for apps thanks to search queries and keywords search suggestions instead of finding apps in the top 150 apps.

We really think that almost nobody goes so far to find an app and it was completely useless. Anyway it can reinforce the organic apps search and the interest in ASO.