Why do I need a keyword optimization for my applications ?


Today you can’t undervalue the force of keywords because the research of applications on App Store becomes the most popular way to discover new Apps.
The customer is a busy person who does not want to wast his precious time looking for the application in the various categories.
For example it’s easier to enter “clock” and to see the results than to find the same thing in the categories.
If you manage to select the high rated with our tool with the less concurrency your clock application will appear in the front of the others and will be downloaded immediately.
It works as a great tool to defeat your competitors.

iOS keywords advices

  • You can use only 100 characters for the keywords on Appstore. Remove the spaces!

  • Modify your keywords at the same time when you submit the application for update.

  • Use only relevants keywords.

  • You are up to include the name of your application also for the keyword.
    If your applications are in the different languages, translate them and your various keywords in each language.

  • Use two descriptive and short keywords than a longest one.

  • Try to choose unused and infrequent keywords which will make your applications popular and visible. Specify them.

  • Separate each keyword with commas.

  • Get inspiration from your competitors and also from their keywords.

  • You can also use the abbreviation of your keywords.

  • Always add new features in your application’s description.

  • If your application is the category utility, pick the problem as a keyword for exemple “unemployement” and its solution as your keyword too “find a job”.

  • Apply the long tails keywords if your apps is very specific for exemple “birth contraception pill”

  • Avoid using agressive and rude terms for your keywords.

  • Use the same keywords as the same ones of another application. They will be automatically rejected on App store.

  • Never use copywrighted keywords.

  • Never use the most popular terms and look for the others which are less known for your visibility.

Also remember that the screenshots and your app icon are VERY important. That's what will generate or not a download.

Even if your keywords are chosen wisely, people won't download your app if it is low rated, or if your app is not attractive.