Has apple changed again its search algorithm?


We have noticed that Apple changes probably its algorithm again on 8th of May.

Nobody can explain how it can be possible to see the keywords rankings growing up and falling down with no reason. Astonishingly most of the keywords have increased their ranking. However these changes did not really affect the apps rankings.

For exemple for our game «Ice Heroes » there are some keywords on American Apple Store which have been affected by a new algorithm:

The keyword slash on the 8th of May went from 451 to 427.

Another one octopus has been risen from 132 to 176 .

But the most incredible thing happened with the word element (Ice Heroes became ranked on 469 for this keyword) !

In Germany the keyword ice heroes moves from 5 to the second position exactly at the same time.

There are also curious keywords rankings changes which happened to another app The Pill.

For instance, in France the keyword alarme from 112 goes to 95 (!)

In Switzerland the keyword alarme from 117 goes to 100 position on the 8th of May.

Apple plays games again with us and we love it !

To be continued :) and if you noticed your apps keyword changes share it!

It's strange why did they change their keywords and stop being ranked with them?